Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another busy week

The end of another hectic and interesting week. The Cape of Storms has lived up to its reputation and we have new leaks in the house and everything is damp, with the cost of electricity cannot use a heater and we have to save power!!! due to Eskom's inefficiency. Oh the joys of living in Africa.
My brush with the crime situation in this country ended safely with the realisation that I should have been more aware. My chiropractor lives in a busy road but all the houses have high walls and there is an empty field across the road. He has push button access which requires getting out of the car to speak to him. After years of being aware that its dangerous to leave your car running whilst at gated entrances, it was raining and I was careless. Don't know what made me look in my mirror but there was a young guy running across the road, shouting to his accomplice in the field. I quickly locked the door and drove in drive but this meant waiting to ensure that the gate closed so that he did not follow me. I also had stop to remove a dead bird lying in the driveway as I could not ride over the poor little corpse. As my chiropractor is blind he is very vulnerable and when I told him he phoned his security company to check it out, not a nice way we live in South Africa. I think it adds to the feeling of always being on the defensive which I am sure accounts for the fact that everyone is always so aggressive. Anyway all ended well thanks to my busy guardian angel. Paul is an amazing man, perhaps because of his lack of sight he has the most amazing ability to do his work, my neck and back are a lot better and I should not need too many more treatments.

It has been another week of not doing much with my bears, one would think that I do not need to earn a living. Have a couple of bears on my table to be dressed and put on e-bay, must do something today when I have done the enormous pile of ironing. When I start to have more clothing in the ironing basket than in the cupboard then things are bad!!!
After being given a fingerless glove pattern by a friend at the sewing afternoon I went and spent a considerable amount of money on wool, would have been able to buy several pairs of gloves but I have had fun knitting. Here is the first completed glove, the second is almost done, just don't look at the threads as I have not got to the tidying up part:

It has been a week of cleaning, finally had the carved frame mirror put up in the dining room and moved a cupboard underneath it. Think it looks better. Have made my sacred place in the middle of the house with my Bast (very small) cat, candles and crystals. Now I need to get working in my garden to create a similar space, I must buy a Buddha to place in the circular garden I am planning. Hope this will move some one to buy the house. Having read that it is customary in the States to bury a statue of St Joseph in your garden to assist in selling your house I made enquiries at our local Catholic book shop. I was offered a 30cm statue for R350 and a slightly bigger one for R500. A little too pricey to bury in the garden thanks. Will have to pay them a visit and see if I can fined a tiny one. Must remember to unearth him and take him with me when I leave!
Went to a new bead shop in Milnerton. Everything is less 25% so I overspent a little. Bought some lovely colours of Delica beads, a crimping tool that I have been wanting for some time and other miscellaneous beads and thread. Think I should pay another visit before the special is over. At least beads are not too heavy for our major move overseas. Of course I need to start making some stuff to sell!!
Sold a large quantity of my bone china collection, never use it and it would be quite a mission to pack safely. Sad to see it go but I have kept all my very precious things. It did look empty in the display cabinet until I moved some of the stuff around and you cannot tell that anything has gone! Now to get rid of all the surplus furniture, amazing how we accumulate stuff in our lives. The worst thing is paying someone to take it away.
Next weekend I will be joining the embroidery guild and my first workshop is Saturday morning to make a lace dragonfly! I am so excited, could not be doing anything more suitable for me. I am so enjoying knitting that I have decided to set some hours aside each week to do something for myself, embroidery, knitting or whatever takes my fancy.
Well off to ironing hope to make some impact on that full basket.

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