Friday, June 27, 2008

Tired and Stressed but an interesting week!

Well it is the end of a long exhausting week. Helping Megan get organised for her major move was traumatic for both of us and I am missing her so much already. Thank goodness she has baby brother Austin help her settle in to her new home and life.
Meditation this week was extremely interesting. Met a Chinese medium from Canada who spent time with each one of us after our usual meditation, I was unfortunately the first person he turned to! He said that I had an amazing energy force which he felt just by listening to me talk and that I obviously had been experiencing spiritual happenings all my life. My Celtic heritage is obviously quite strong. I must write to him and ask for some more input.
I am finding just how much time Megan used to spend putting kits together as I have taken over this task for the moment. Have spent the last two days drawing out bears on fabric, counting joints, taking photographs of new bears, making covers etc. Started printing covers this afternoon and discovered that my habit of downloading everything connected to beading (and printing it) had used up all the colour ink in the printer. A frantic call to my friendly supplier saved my life, all the kits have to be in Johannesburg by Tues next week for the craft show next weekend. Making some progress but today was quite an experience.
Firstly got up late, had to clean up after Mervyn who never seems to see doggie landmines then drop Jessie Poodle off at the parlour. It was then my second visit to the spineologist (think spelling is correct). A totally amazing man, he is blind but works miracles obviously as he compensates for lack of sight by having developed an amazing sense of touch. I can actually turn my head from left to right again!!! It is end of term today which means holiday time for the more affluent families in Cape Town who seem to head off for warmer climes at this time of the year. Of course, this meant that the pet parlour was running late and Jessie could only be collected after lunch. Returned home to find several frantic messages from the estate agent who wished to bring a client at 1245. Phoned and said I would be home, rushed around in 15 minutes to hide ironing in the cupboard, stuff wet washing in the tumble dryer and generally tidy up a little. This is becoming a pain, just wish some one would walk in, fall in love with our special house and make an offer!!!! Collected Jessie and took all the patterns to be copied. Am starting to make some progess with the kits. Tomorrow afternoon is the sewing afternoon at Anna's house which should be a break away from having a sore neck and writer's cramp.
Sold my little Benedict bear on e-bay this week, he is going to live in England, lucky bear.

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