Saturday, July 19, 2008

All Sorts

Well after 3 days in bed with a sinus infection I have been slack with the news update.
Am now on a course of antibiotics which hopefully will do their work without too many side effects. However, it has been a useful time as I have had the opportunity to do some stuff that has long been eating at my creative soul. But more of that later.

I have to write about something that has long been a source of irritation to me. In our 'polite' society we greet each other with the usual hello and platitude of 'how are you'. Most of us respond with fine thank you, if we reply in the negative it is either unlikely to be noticed, the emptiness of the question is very apparent. Listening to black South Africans when they meet is an eye opener, their sincere response to each other and the time spent listening is a lesson for all of us I think. So next time you greet a friend think before you ask how they are unless you are really interested. Oh and by the way if their reply is that they have 'flu, don't respond with 'what again' especially if your contact with them is once a year!!! Now I have that off my chest so to speak, on with the news.
I am busy making a crochet kitty from a Japanese book which I purchased over a year ago at great expense and with some difficulty from e-bay Japan. I am having fun working on this project and hope to have a picture ready to post early next week. This is a new way to work without joining rows and starting with a loop of thread like tatting but it is looking good. Wait to see the results.
I have also knitted one purple mitten (my fingerless gloves are complete) and the second has been started. I also have another crochet project marked for this week. Definitely a creative time and I am enjoying doing something for myself without the guilt feeling that I should be making bears. It is a problem when self-employed that you do not loose sight of the fact that you should also be creative for yourself and not feel it is wasting time!!
I am busy thinking of new ideas for labels which is something I had discussed with Megan before she left for London. Will be visiting the scrapbooking factory shop next week as I have an idea but will need a couple of nice punches. I do not have Megan's abilities with paper and scissors.
Now speaking of Megan, she is settling in but feels a little lost and lonely I think. BT are proving to be as ?{@* retentive as Telkom it seems and whilst they have a landline connection in their flat, it is not working and they are in queue to have it sorted out. This of course means that they do not have internet access at the moment. Megan has made all of five bears and several knitted garments and is itching to do some e-bay listings which hopefully will take place next week. Alternatively she will send me pics to add to the webpage.
Have also got some beading ideas which are nagging at me so watch this space.
More soon

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