Saturday, July 19, 2008

Almost forgot...................

One of the advantages of growing older is that I can finally admit that I hate housework and cooking, in fact anything that takes away creative time! With the constant need to have the house looking good just in case we have a prospective buyer I spend a lot of my precious time doing housework.
This morning was no exception and feeling totally dreadful did not help. Pulled out the vacuum, broom and other necessities for cleaning. As I am ailing (his words not mine) Mervyn surprisingly offered to help, that being a miracle in itself. Gave him the task of cleaning the bathroom to start whilst I did the front of the house. He quickly did the floors etc then decided to clean the shower using an old toothbrush. Not one to deter a man from his task, I continued with my side of the house but his comment that the shower was badly designed and difficult to clean, elicited my usual comment 'of course, it was obviously designed by a man who does not have to clean it'.
This is the first time in 38 years of marriage that this man has actually helped with the housework with the exception of hanging washing out and doing the dishes.
The cherry on top was when we both finally collapsed with a good cup of tea and he said 'that is back breaking work'. Haha
Sent him out for some flowers to brighten up the house for the show tomorrow. Most probably will be quiet again but I will enjoy them anyway. Come on there St Joseph if you want to get out of the flower bed, do your thing.
My kitty is all ready to be put together, picture tomorrow hopefully and now to bed.............

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