Thursday, July 23, 2015

After a while .............

Once again it has been quite some time since my last blog update.  I have been busy with orders, an on line show and summer gardening with rather little time to spare ... so a short update and lots of pictures.

First the garden,  the clematis have thrived this year after a good pruning and this is one has produced a waterfall of flowers.

The Alice in Wonderland rose in my garden, some one slipped up when grafting this mini standard rose, both pink and white flowers.

Hanging baskets with a fuchsia called 'Blackie'.

Beautiful pink peony flowers with a little matching pink bear called Peony.

The recent on line show was a great success, all the little bears finding homes within a few hours of the show opening.  The theme was a little difficult as both of us found it rather difficult thinking Christmas in the middle of summer.

I did make one very special little bear with a holiday theme. Bright red and appropriately called Holly Berry.
I also made a little girl rabbit called Emily with Megan creating her tiny little companion 'Wabbit'.

A new pincushion design,  a starfish with sea green bear called Sea Foam.

We have a small local show scheduled for early August and Hugglets in London in early September.  With outstanding orders to complete the next few months look to be busy with lots of stitching to do.

Some of my precious time has been spent sitting with my husband at the hospital's eye clinic.  The good news is that the injections have been successful and he is due for a final check up next week.  He will then be put on the waiting list for laser surgery.  Just wish the seating available at the hospital was a little more comfortable so that I could sit and perhaps knit, sew or crochet while waiting.

After a very long wait of almost twenty two weeks, my consultation with the dermatologist was not a great success.  She considered my psoriasis not too severe, hardly surprising really as it is mid summer and I have been able to spend some time outside in the sun and the initial flare up was sometime in March. I was sent home with a prescription for steroid cream and put on the waiting list for photo therapy, my first appointment will be at the end of this month.

Many years of sitting sewing and working on the computer has not proved very kind to my neck and shoulders and the osteoarthritis in my spine is sometimes rather painful.  The physiotherapist informs me that it is posture related and has offered little help other than suggesting that I take more pain killers and sit up straight!  I guess that the age thing is catching up with me.

They're not gray hairs. They're wisdom highlights. ~Author Unknown

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mcddiss said...

que flores tan bonitas , esos ositos son todos preciosos
los temas medicos son siempre complicados , pero me alegro de que no sea nada grave




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