Friday, March 6, 2015

Teddi & Friend on line show

The past few weeks have been the usual hectic rush with the London show and an on line show.  The Teddi & Friend on line show opened today with a wonderful selection of bears from artists around the world.
This is Violetta, wearing a dress made from a pretty violet print vintage handkerchief and her tiny kitty friend Cleo.

A little rabbit called Sophie dressed in vintage lace.

The Hugglets show at the end of February was well attended and as always a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old friends, both fellow artists and collectors.

The vintage lace decorating our table always attracts attention!

Finally some pictures of the furry children in the family.  Our rescue kittens have settled in so well.   Belladonna is gained so much in confidence and has turned into a beautiful cat with perhaps some Maine Coon ancestry. 

My little black kitty always rather camera shy is the last of the Cape Town foursome. Now getting on in years she views the young upstarts with a certain disdain.

Radcliffe has also blossomed and is a total little monster into everything with a fascination for paper and scissors.  He seems to have some oriental ancestry as he is extremely talkative.  Sitting on the sewing machine was a new trick!

One final picture of the colonial pin case I made as a Christmas gift for a friend.  The embroidery was done on my fancy Brother sewing machine which I bought so many years ago and hardly get to use


Now that the two main shows are over it is time to get working on several overdue orders.  I would like to do some beading and embroidery and of course make clothing for the ball jointed dolls to stock our Etsy store.  There are also letters owing to friends around the world, definitely need some more hours in the day.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Kays Kids said...

Your little bunny and bears are the sweetest little things.
I'm glad Hugglets was a success. Your stall looked wonderful.
Happy bear making.


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