Saturday, February 21, 2015

After a somewhat long absence .............

It is almost the end of February and I have been somewhat absent from blogging for some weeks.  So far this year our family have had more than their fair share of winter 'flu and other nasties.  I have psoriasis which is usually under control but does tend to worsen in winter due to a lack of sunshine.  As it affects my ears this causes a secondary problem and I developed a severe ear infection last month.  Unfortunately this has made my psoriasis flare up and I am presently red and splotchy and extremely itchy. With upcoming shows and feeling somewhat stressed it has most probably made it all a lot worse. Planning to get back on to a very low protein diet in the next few weeks,  this does definitely help but it is rather a bother.

The Hugglets Winter Bearfest takes place tomorrow in London. Our table display will be a little sparse unfortunately as production has been somewhat affected but we do have some rather special bears for the show.

I had great plans to make a whole variety of my 'handfuls' using some of the wonderful vintage rayon fabric I shared on my blog some months ago. I only managed to complete three of this slightly bigger bears and this is Cerise a special little red bear dressed in cream with vintage lace trim.

A little black bear dressed in cream and trimmed with pale blue called Cailin

and finally a little boy bear called Casimir made from mohair

I have uploaded a preview of all the new bears on our web page.  Looking forward to the show and catching up with fellow artists and collectors.

I am planning a quiet week after the show then it will be back to work to complete a selection of bears for the upcoming on line show and complete a backlog of orders.

Spring is in the air with all the bulbs starting to appear in the garden and I am looking forward to getting out and doing some much needed work. 

Have a good weekend, until next time ...............

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