Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmastime .......................

A very long overdue blog. Lots of happenings over the past few weeks and possibly too much time spent on Pinterest when I should have been working.

In my last blog I shared some pictures of  my latest handful of bears.  Finally completed, two of them have been adopted, just one little yellow bear to be listed on E-bay.  

This is Brittany, made from sparse mohair fabric in a blue dress with embroidered flowers around the hem and on the cardi.

The little bear made from pale yellow vintage rayon I found rather bland and boring.  I have created a series of pictures showing the various stages of dyeing the completed little bear by literally dunking her in a dish of strong tea and leaving her to dry on the kitchen window sill.  With some subtle shading on the seams, foot pads and on her face she looks a lot more interesting. Finally this little girl named Harriett was dressed in a tea dyed cotton lawn dress trimmed with vintage lace and pink silk ribbon.

A new pirate bear also joined the completed creations on my work table.  A little black bear this time attired in semi steampunk clothing.  Artemus has a tea dyed jacket with gold embroidered detailing and beads. His matching hat is trimmed with tiny brass watch findings and a pheasant feather.  His ultrasuede goggles were a labour of love and frustration!  He has been adopted and will be winging his way to the States shortly.

The past few weeks have been the usual mix of ups and downs. It was such a pleasure attending Victoria's pre-school Nativity Play.  These children are all only three or four years old and very eager participants in their various roles,  Joseph gave Mary a bit of a push to get her moving.  A little boy dressed as a camel should definitely think of a future career on the stage, he knew his lines off by heart and carried out his role with great aplomb. It was really a special occasion, unfortunately photographs are not encouraged so I did not get any pictures of Victoria in her angel costume.

The osteoarthritis in my neck has worsened over the past few months and has spread to my shoulder.  Lifting my arm any higher than shoulder level is extremely painful. With the usual NHS delay in seeing a physiotherapist I eventually visited the hospital for an assessment several weeks ago and was told that I would be put on the waiting list for a consultation in approximately ten weeks. A two hour wait in the doctor's waiting room with a horde of coughing children caught up with me and I have spent the last couple of weeks coughing and wheezing.  Not a good idea right at the beginning of winter.  I am finally starting to feel somewhat human again but rather exhausted and worn out.  Nothing that a good holiday would perhaps cure but that is just not a financially viable option at present.

The Christmas tree is in place and this year we decided not to use any fragile glass decorations due to two hooligan cats who think that this display is for their recreation purposes.

It seems quite unbelievable that it almost the end of the year and I have to start working on orders with an on line show as well as Hugglets just around the corner.

In the hectic run up to Christmas, do take care and travel safely if you are journeying over this period.

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