Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Work in progress .............

Almost up to date with orders and finally starting to make some new bears. 

I had drawn and cut out several bears for Hugglets which just did not get completed in time for the show.  Two of my handfuls,  as yet unnamed,  are now all stitched and waiting for suitable clothing .......... dresses with winter coats perhaps?  Will get out fabrics etc tomorrow so watch this space for two little dressed girls soon (hopefully).

After some twenty-two years of designing and stitching bears I now and again get the urge to try a pattern designed by another artist.  This is a little bear made from a pattern by Anna Tysmbal,  the only changes I have are adding paw pads and changing the shape of the foot pads.  He/she has a very long body with extremely skinny legs and arms and the pattern design had a bear with a very high crown on the head.  My version has a little face which looks nothing at all like the pattern,  in fact it looks quite like my own bear's faces just a slightly shorter muzzle.

The fabric was a recent acquisition.  One of the long time teddy bear artists was selling a large amount of vintage fabrics at Hugglets and I came home with a good supply.  This rayon fabric usually manufactured in Poland for curtaining,  was available in a wide variety of colours.  Some artists do not like the shiny finish but I have found that after handling whilst stitching some of the excessive shine seems to be lost.  A picture of my colourful stash,  lots of fun ahead. 

The pale golden yellow I used for this little bear has a slightly thicker backing and was quite frankly absolute hell to work with as it frayed so much and even a liberal amount of Fray Check did not seem to help much.  I have never had the courage to make a perfect little bear then 'age' to make it look old.  So my finely stitched nose instead of the threadbare one on the pattern also perhaps makes it rather different. Not sure if I like this little bear too much but I am planning to put it in a dye pot to slightly discolour and age the fabric. Will post a picture next time round hopefully.

Although the winter is still quite mild for late November the excessive rainfall has made the garden into a muddy quagmire, not fun and the cats hate going outside.

The animal charity said he was timid and shy, needing a home with lots of love and he would blossom. Well that sure worked as Radcliffe Chamberlain is now the 'toddler from hell', climbing curtains and eating plants and generally running havoc around the house. He is rather cute 'tho.

Until next time,  all that fabric is waiting!

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