Thursday, October 17, 2013

OctoBEARfest On Line Teddy Bear Show

After much frantic stitching I have managed to complete some bears for the latest on line show.   This is my little Autumn Pincushion bear who is featured on the preview page. 

A selection of other autumn themed creations will be available,  unfortunately both of us seem to have been so busy and totally exhausted that we will only have five items on the show.  This is the banner with a link to the show which starts tomorrow October 18th. 

It has also been a somewhat expensive few weeks.   Before I left South Africa I treated myself to a new digital camera priced considerably higher than my budget after being assured that it would last me for some twenty-five years.  Sad to say that it recently stopped working and we have been relying on Megan's rather out of date camera for all our pictures.    Amazingly for a low range camera it did take wonderful photographs but also gave up the ghost last week.   This caused major panic,  without a camera we cannot sell our bears and the on line show was looming closer.  After much internet research Megan is now the proud owner of a smart Nikon.  Like any new camera there is a period of learning how to take great pics and it has a lot more bells and whistles than the previous one.

I am enjoying my Kindle,  much easier to sit in bed and read as it is light and easier to hold than a book.  On the downside the type of books I read are not that much cheaper as Kindle versions so I have been taking advantage of all the free classics available,  rather a reminder of school set books.  There are lots of free books out there but I am somewhat fussy as I do not have much reading time.

Little Bella kitty is settling in well and growing rapidly.   She is very independent using the big cats litter tray and eating their biscuits rather than the special kitten biscuits,  which we stockpiled as they were selling them at a greatly reduced price!

The older cats are still not being too welcoming but she has the heart of a tiger this little girl and perseveres with trying to get them to pay attention to her.

After many days of dismal rainy weather the sun is shining,  washing can be dried and I must get back to work.


Mäsywi-Bären said...

wow so sweet, so wonderful. i like it and your cat too

hugs from sylvia

Elizabeth said...

A Beautiful Autumnal bear and your sweet kitty looks so lovely, I'm sure she'll settle in better soon, she has such a sweet face. Happy stitching and thanks for such a lovely blog - always an inspirational read.

Kays Kids said...

Your little Autumn pin cushion is delightful.


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