Monday, September 30, 2013

Some crochet fun and a new addition.

After weeks of not blogging, two in quick succession is quite an achievement.

I have listed Anastasia, one of my little handfuls who did not find a home at Hugglets, on E-Bay.  She is now wearing a hand knitted cream cardi with rose embroidery to keep her warm in the early autumn weather.

 I also had fun making a special little crochet handbag.  In my usual absent minded fashion I did not make a note of the pattern but I am sure it will be relatively easy to repeat.   I saw something quite similar on Pinterest made from vintage lace doilies and thought it pretty and a perfect little bag for a bear.

As I mentioned in my last blog, our little Leila kitty has been very sad since loosing her big brother so on Saturday we have adopted a new little kitten.   She comes from the wonderful Woodgreen Shelter near Cambridge and is approximately eleven weeks old.   One of a litter of four dumped in a shed, this little girl is very shy and had not yet found a home,  perhaps because she hid away when strange humans appeared.   She is confined to one room at the moment and plays happily on her own, is eating well and hopefully will blossom into a confident little kitty.  After much debate about a suitable name we have decided on Belladonna (Bella for short) and look forward to introducing her to the other two cats over the next few days.

A very lovely picture of the brat cat, Mischka, almost fourteen and getting a little senile. He was the naughtiest kitten and our then senior cat, Sasha, used to sit him when he would no longer put up with his nonsense.  I wonder how he will react to the new addition to the family?

Lots of stitching to catch up with.   An order which has me a little uncertain but more about that later,  plus the Teddy Bears of Witney special editions and of course the on line show in mid October.   We also need to re-stock our Grace & Whimsy Etsy shop,  lots of embroidery and beading ufos waiting to be completed.

Megan has designed a new pattern using a very pretty rose pink vintage velvet fabric.   Lucy Rose is now available in our Etsy store, either as a pattern or a kit.

Have a great week.

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth.  A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.  ~Jules Verne

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Kays Kids said...

Wendy your little bear is delightful. I do love your older cat he is very beautiful. What a lovely thing to give a stray kitty a home. Some how I'm not sure how the senior member of the family will get on with the darling kitty.
Big hugs


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