Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The life and times of ............

As is usual in our lives the past few weeks have been a busy round of bear making, an ailing kitty and a visit to a lavender farm.

This is Alexander, a little bear with military flair, who is now on his way to a new home in America.

On Saturday we visited a lavender farm in Hertfordshire.   The acres of flowering lavender are so beautiful.    The entrance fee includes a bag and scissors for visitors to pick their own.

The pathways between the bushes are quite narrow and not for the faint hearted as the lavender flowers are full of furry English bees.  

The view from the top of the hill is very beautiful,  somewhat spoilt by the noise from the high speed train line running through the trees.

We picked our bags of lavender then sat on the grass and enjoyed a family picnic lunch.   This is my granddaughter Victoria, wending her way through the bushes totally unconcerned about the bees.

Back home I spent several hours trimming and sorting the lavender to dry. 

We arrived home to find our little Mischka kitty looking miserable and hiding under the bed.   Sunday meant an emergency visit to the vet as his mouth was swollen and he could not eat.   After an overnight stay and the removal of three teeth at great expense, he is now back home.    We were relieved that it was nothing too serious as he has recently lost a lot of weight and is fourteen years old.

So lots of bear sales needed to cover his medical expenses.   Due to his age it is not possible to take out insurance to cover medical bills.

Hugglets is just a few weeks away,   there are orders to complete and a new on line show in October so we will be rather busy again for the next few months. 

Pictures of new bears soon.

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Kays Kids said...

I could smell the beautiful lavender from here. Your little military bear is a dream.


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