Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Storms, bears and a picnic outing

The heat wave combined with humidity we have experienced in the UK over the past few weeks has been exhausting and is certainly not conducive to being creative.   I have been longing for a good African storm to clear the air.   Last night we had an incredible storm with thunder, lightning and pouring rain,   far exceeding anything I have ever experienced here in England.   My poor kitties were terrified and hid under the bed! 

I have just completed a little blue bear made from Sassy long pile.   I had this idea in my head that he needed an elf style hat which took several hours to knit and lots of changes to the pattern to make it work in miniature.     Waverley is now listed on e-bay proudly wearing his hat,  looks rather like a little wizard which is not quite what I was looking for, so perhaps a few more minor changes next time round.

As mentioned in my previous blog we had planned a weekend picnic outing to Hatfield Forest which is just south of Cambridge and not too far from where we live.  We found a nice shady spot by the lake and because of the extreme heat did not do much exploring.  A place to visit perhaps when the weather is just a little cooler but in the meantime some pics to share.

Hatfield Forest is a rare surviving example of a medieval royal hunting Forest, with over 1,000 acres of coppices and wood pasture now belonging to the National Trust.   Fortunately the Forest was protected from being ploughed up for agricultural use in the 19th century. 


Definitely an idyllic spot for a picnic lunch

A scenic pathway through the trees. 

The Shell House was built in approximately 1754, the interior and exterior decorated with exotic and colourful shells (mostly from the West Indies as they were used as ballast in the holds of slave ships) split flints, blue glass, coral and sands. The house was built for picnics and summer parties.
The forest,  reputedly haunted by horsemen,  has it's own Halloween Ghost Night Walks

This young male duck still rather speckled in appearance and not yet dressed in his full finery of colour,  visited and shared a blueberry muffin.

Finally not a pretty picture but just to share the strange places that birds build their nests.   This little house martin has made a special nest on top of the alarm right near the lady's toilet,  an extremely busy thoroughfare but she does not seem in the least bit bothered by the constant to and fro of humans just below her.

Some months ago we (and the bears) were thrilled to be featured in Guzel Kostynaan's blog Teddy Bears. A wonderful article with lots of pictures of our bears.   It is in Russian and Google translate does a reasonable translation, 'tho with a few oddities.


Thankfully the weather has cooled a little after the storm as I need to catch up with my work and orders.   Hugglets Bearfest is just around the corner, lots of stitching to do and some inspiration needed.

Have a great week!

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Claudia said...

Hi Wendy,
wonderful pictures from this place!
And I LOVE this Bear with his hat! Georgeous!
The birds found a strange place for their nest ;O)
Lucky you, that it cooled down a bit, we are still waiting for a bit cooler temperatures! So hot ....
Have a happy week,


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