Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring ....... lost on the way to summer?

The Teddy Bear Extravaganza on line show was a great success.   Megan's little bear won first prize in the best dressed category and seven little bears will be winging their way to collectors across the pond.  Just one little girl did not find a home.   Perhaps I should complete the crochet hat I originally planned for her before time ran out.

This is one of my creations from the show.    I made a tiny velvet purse trimmed with roses and ribbons which is the perfect setting for Roselaine.  

 Like so many residents of the northern hemisphere I am a little tired of winter.   We awoke yesterday to that pristine silence after a heavy snowfall.   The white world outside looked pretty but I am sad that my newly planted primulas and flowering bulbs are all under a deep layer of snow.  I wonder whether they will survive to see in 'spring'.   A picture taken of our front garden showing one pot of primulas buried under a layer of snow. 

 I am longing to actually get outside and do some gardening.   Forecasts for the rest of the week including the Easter weekend are not too promising but we have been promised a heat wave in April!    A bunch of daffodils provide a splash of colour against the white background.   These pretty flowers are sold in bunches at this time of the year still tightly closed and not even kept in water.   It is quite amazing to see how they open in the warmth of the house and I love their subtle fragrance.

The inclement weather is hard on the wild life.    Bronwen's three rescue hedgehogs are still hibernating and should actually have been released back into the wild.   The birds are obviously struggling to find food and the seed we put out each day rapidly disappears.

Finally a picture of Victoria taken on her second birthday surrounded by some of her presents.  Hard to believe how the past two years have flown by,  this little girl has brought much joy into our lives.

Time to get back to work,   parcels to post and orders to complete.   Looking through my fabric stash recently I found some long pile rayon which is not suitable for tiny bears.   As I am in that state of what on earth can I make that is different, I have cut out and am busy stitching some slightly larger bears.   Will share some pics soon.   Have a great week.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.  ~Doug Larson

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mcddiss said...

esa osita rosa es preciosa , felicidades por el gran exito con los osos , me da frio solo con ver esas fotos de todo nevado,espero que la primavera os visite pronto , Victoria esta preciosa




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