Monday, December 10, 2012

Happenings ...............

A very quick blog update.   Still working on commissions and orders but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel at last (I sincerely hope so).   Time to start thinking of special creations for Hugglets which is just around the corner.

I  have finally managed to complete the pincushion and scissor keep for our Etsy store, something new at last!

The embroidery is quite honestly made up as I stitch, I do not use a pattern just my imagination.   I added a bead edging of tiny Delica seed beads and as the back looked rather empty, two little rosebuds.


The annual French market was held in the nearby town of St Ives last weekend and we managed to unearth a few vintage treasures ....

two original wooden bobbins and a selection of tiny tartlet tins, one of which I used to make Holly Berry, a Christmas themed pincushion, now listed on e-bay.


The wintry weather is continuing with lots of frost but so far just a little snow.   I have declared war on the rats as they are becoming a problem in the garden.  We have had to cut back on feeding the birds and remove any water which is accessible to the rats in an endeavour to get them to move on.   The extremely expensive 'humane' eradicator does not appear to have worked, there might be a couple less rodents but they have started tunnelling into the glass house to find food and water so harsh measures are now necessary.
 Until next time .......

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mcddiss said...

que bonito acerico bordado, y las compras en el mercado preciosas , espero que soluciones pronto el problema con las ratas




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