Thursday, December 20, 2012

A hand crafted Christmas ..............

It is that time of the year when the inclement weather starts to become a little too much and the tragic events of the past week rather hit home.  The school shootings in Newton, Connecticut and yet another knife attack in China this time at Chenpeng village school, such senseless violence directed at innocent children.

One of my bear artist friends so aptly described a Mr Blue who has been following her around since early November and I know the feeling.   A good dose of sunshine might make me feel a little better.

The best I can offer is this beautiful sunset taken from my bedroom window earlier this week, the pyramid structure is my neighbour's house ........

On the plus side I have been busy stitching and made a variety of things.  I decided in my wisdom that a few hand crafted Christmas gifts would be a good idea.  So far I have made ......................

Scissors keeps for a friend and my daughter-in-law

a pink crochet flower trimmed hat for Victoria 

I am busy knitting a pocket mouse for Victoria, slow going as it is years since I have made anything using four needles.   A warm lap quilt is next on the agenda and that will be all for this year I think.

We are both still working on commissions but I have managed some other 'bear' stuff.

Rowan and Paige on an 'aged' suitcase and a pink crochet jacket for Emmaline.

Made up this pattern as I went along and tried to keep a note of each row but in my usual absent minded fashion I am not sure if it is all written down correctly.   Will find out next time I attempt a similar item, it takes a lot of yarn, twice the amount of a knitted cardi!

Saturday dawned bright and sunny 'tho extremely cold but we drove to Ely to find last minute gifts.   Sadly the lady who sells beautiful silver charms was not at the market but we did do a little shopping.  I actually found medium size smooth skin avocado pears, something I have not seen since leaving South Africa and they did not cost the earth.  The tiny little wrinkled versions available at the supermarkets do not impress me at all!

Our light sprinkling of snow has turned to endless days of heavy rain, doesn't look as if we will have a white Christmas.   The forecast is for lots of rain, the ford is once again in flood and the road is closed, does make it quieter with no traffic.   The cats nag to go outside then look so angry as it is cold, wet and the muddy lawn is like glue on their feet.   My battle with rodents seems to be almost over, have seen only one very large rat,   the tunnels in the garden are endless and I am continually covering them over.

In January I very bravely undertook to read 100 books for the 2012 Good Books Reading Challenge.    Realising some months ago that I could not possibly achieve this goal I changed it to 85 books.    Sad to say that unless I manage to read seven books between now and 31st December (which is rather unlikely) I have not been successful.  However, I have read some amazing books over the past year and will try again next time.

And so back to work ........ enjoy the rest of the week

When it snows, you have two choices:  shovel or make snow angels.  ~Author Unknown


June said...

That is a lofty goal dear Wendy when someone is as busy and creative as you. You should be very proud of what you accomplished this year! Just reading the list of what you have been doing to get ready for Christmas makes me feel rather lazy : )
I love all your new things you have created for gifts this year. And the new bears are darling too.
I feel the same way about the sad things that have been happening in our world. It puts a dark cloud over my days. My prayers are always for the innocent children.
I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a year full of hope and joy!!!!!

Cathyraggedy said...

She's so cute!!!hugs


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