Sunday, April 1, 2012

The weekend ends on a sad note ............

I have finally stitched a little puppy companion for one of my little girl bears.   In the rush to finish all the bears for the recent on line show I ran out of time to complete this set but they are now all done and ready to be listed on e-bay.   Phoebe and her as yet unnamed little friend ......

I am also busy knitting another cardi for a new bear.   This little bear is made using one of my older patterns and is rather a round little girl.   Definitely not a bear to dress in a fine cotton embroidered dress but think she will look good in an embroidered cardigan.  I have taken my knitted garments one step further recently by adding embroidery,  think they look rather pretty and the little bears like them!

We have had the most amazing warm and sunny week,  but the weather forecast for the forthcoming Easter weekend is not to promising.   We do need rain as we face drought conditions in southern England with a hosepipe ban!   Fortunately I do not have a lot of flowers to water but I don't know if this summer will be a good one for my vegetable garden.

A pair of ducks have been visiting our garden taking full advantage of the water we provide for the birds and munching up all the bits of bird food on the ground.   I have been putting out a little extra special food as they appear to have been nesting in the field across the road from our house and there is not much food around for them due to the rather adverse weather.   When I returned home today the little female had been run over and  I was rather distressed late this afternoon to see the male keeping vigil over her body.   Although I live in a reasonable quiet rural area, the two roads running through the village are somewhat of a 'rat run' with many drivers not bothering to reduce speed.   As this little duck was right at the side of the road it makes me so angry that she was so unimportant to some thoughtless driver!   A small thing I suppose but as an animal lover who finds great pleasure in the creatures around me, my weekend has ended on a rather sad note.

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Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

Hi Wendy, wonderful bears as ever and the cardi you knitted is really to die for. It's beautiful ♥♥♥
I'm so sorry about the duck. I'm an animal lover myself and I do not understand people not taking care of animals to slow down a bit when driving. It makes me mad too. And it really awful to see the other one morning as they are really in a kind of "grief" to lost the other parter. People don't realize this.
We had ducks in our pond who are coming over from the community pond. Every spring it's the same story. So nice to see, so I can understand you anger!
Let's cross fingers that a new ducky-relationship will bring a bit a joy in return of the other one missing.

Hugs, Thea

PS I hope to release my bunny this week. My mum is staying over for a few days, so no time to spend om my probl. know how this is...ggg.


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