Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Greetings

Wishing you all a most blessed Easter holiday.

The past few weeks I have been busy stitching and knitting!    Most of my bears are made from a small selection of tried and trusted patterns.    A somewhat controversial subject as some artists maintain that each bear should be made entirely from a unique pattern which is not used again.   Which is perhaps the case if a bear is marketed as one of a kind.   

However, after twenty years of designing and creating bears I find that no matter what pattern I use my bears tend to look the same.    I recently re-used one of the patterns which I designed some eight years ago for Teddy Bear Club International magazine.    With a few tweaks here and there to the pattern I completed a rather round little bear, the head is slightly larger than normal but it still looks the same as my other bears.   My little dressed girl bears are the most popular with collectors but this new bear is a little more difficult to dress as it is not quite so feminine.   The basic bear.........

The embroidered cardi I made for her ............

and a back view.    Perhaps the addition of a pink bow is all that is needed?   More pictures of this little bear next time.

We seem to be running a bird trauma centre.    Some months back I mentioned the little bird that flew into the conservatory window and made a full recovery.   This week a sparrow hawk flew down into the garden, snatched up one of the doves and then flew into the glass door!   The dove managed to escape but had deep cuts above its wings and on its chest.   We put her in a box and called the amazing girl who takes care of 'damaged' birds.    Doves are apparently quite tough so once the wounds heal this little bird should be fine.    Sadly the little male duck from my previous blog would not leave his 'wife'.   We were worried that he would suffer the same fate on this busy road and after some research discovered that mallards, like swans and geese, generally mate for life.    We buried the little female and he seems to have rejoined the other ducks on the village pond.   Sometimes I wish I could ignore these little happenings in the animal/feathered creature kingdom.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

Dear Wendy, I wish you a Happy Easter as well. Your "new-old" design turned out very well. And I love that cardigan ♥ It's awesome!!! Can't wait to see the bear it it's full glory. I'm sure you'll manage to give her the right looks.
Gosh I can understand what you said about the wild animals. You love them, but sometimes it can be so frustrating. We also had so many nasty experiences, but it's wild-life and you have to deal with it, but it ain't always easy.
I hope the pigeon will recover and the duck will find another female duck.
But despite all this, enjoy your Easter Holiday.

Love and hugs, Thea x

Blumbärchen said...

Oh dear Wendy, it's a big drama with the birds around your garden, but what can you do against it. Such things belongs to life, also it is hard to accept.
I like you re-used pattern and known it from my own to think all bears look at the same way whatever pattern I take. But yours looks all very pretty!

Happy Easter with al little bit sunshine wish you


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