Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is in the air ...........

I have been rather involved with bears for the on line show the past few weeks and the good news is that they are almost complete!   The past few months have been busy and I have spent many hours stitching.    The next item on the agenda is to load all the details and pictures on to the web page for the show, rather a source of frustration as the organiser has decided that all participants must use the same service provider and layout.

Half completed beading projects are needing attention as are several items of embroidery.   I started working on a crazy patchwork purse several years ago.    Stitched on silk and velvet it has a multitude of embroidery stitches, beads, ribbon and lace.    Sadly I have found that some ufos are not quite so easy just to pick up and carry on where I left off, there is a rhythm to handwork which when interrupted for too long,  is hard to regain.

Still have orders to catch up with but I do hope to get out and do some work in the garden in the next few weeks!   Spring is definitely showing itself and the various bulbs that I planted last year are looking good.    Thanks to Megan for sharing her photographs of the garden.  
The crocus and primulas are already in flower with the daffodils, bluebells, tulips, poppies etc sprouting long green leaves.     The two angelica plants are finally showing signs of life and this year I might just be able to harvest some of the stems.   There are of course several weeds showing themselves and the mulch of dead leaves looks rather messy.    As we have a hosepipe ban in most of southern England think I will leave these to keep the soil moist.   Hard to believe that England the land of mist and rain is facing a drought!
A close up picture of the pretty crocus flowers, spot the tiny ladybug.

When we moved into this house the garden was almost non existent but hidden under the trees were a few hellebores which flower in spring and are the most amazing colour

Tomorrow is Victoria's first birthday and quite a big event for this little girl, but more about this next time.  
Have a great weekend ...............

Never take a person for granted, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake one day and realise that you have lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.

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Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Can´t wait to see all your pieces for the show Wendy.
I find it a bit frustating with page creater too - would have loved to still use my own site.

I´m having a hard time picking up UFOs too. Your garden looks wonderful with the spring flowers - a bit ahead of over here.
Have a great week.


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