Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A very short blog update.........

My temp assignment has dragged on for the past few weeks and much as the extra income will help to pay the absolutely horrendous electricity account we have received, I have been so exhausted that the poor little bears have had to take a back seat. I will have a few days this week to try and catch up and complete the  meerkat order as well as several other bears. Hugglets is just around the corner .........

Amazingly we managed to complete our bears for the 'Bears on Parade' on line show on time and I have updated the web page which will be open to view on Friday 15th July through to Sunday 17th July.
This is Megan's little 'Birdie' one of the bears created especially for the show.
To access the show page click the link on the logo below which will take you to the main webpage for the show. Some seventy five artists from around the world will be taking part in the show and there are some very special bears on offer.

Hopefully a more interesting blog update and time to catch up with news next time.

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flyingbeader said...

I think many of us are having a hectic work Summer! Thank you for giving me a wee dose of "bear love". I needed it!


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