Sunday, June 26, 2011

A special occasion

The past few weeks have rushed by at the usual hectic pace and I have not had much time on my home computer and definitely no time for a blog update.
My temp assignment is proving to be longer than usual and with next week taken up with work, x-rays for Mervyn etc not much time to work on my bears. As the on line show just around the corner I am definitely in panic mode!
Yesterday we had a family get together to celebrate something special. YoonMi, my daughter-in-law, is Korean. When Korea had little medicinal knowledge many newborns would die from childhood diseases or because of Korea's seasonal temperature differences. It is therefore customary to hold a Baek-il or 100th day celebration and baby Victoria reached this milestone on Friday.
There must be an advantage of growing up with two older sisters as Austin very skilfully added the important words to a basic 'Hello Kitty' cake.
Victoria as usual charmed us all with her ready smile. She is growing up so quickly and we are very blessed to be able to spend time with her regularly.
The whole occasion proved rather tiring for the little one and she slept happily in her pram while the grown ups enjoyed the cake!
The garden is looking amazing, summer is really very much in evidence with temperatures soaring today! My clematis is full of beautiful pink toned flowers ............
the various birds and their babies are still keeping us entertained. We have had a shy Jay, a Jackdaw and even a Magpie in the garden, they are all looking for food and water as this spring and summer is proving extremely dry, something unusual for England.
A final picture of Misckha sunning himself on the landing at the top of the stairs, his favourite place to sleep.
Somewhat busy weeks ahead, new orders and bears for the on line show to be made so perhaps less computer time.

If you wait for too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass by.

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