Friday, May 20, 2011

The weekend begins......

A very short blog update as I am totally exhausted today, bed and a new book are calling.
I have had lots of fun this past week embroidering my little bear's dresses. Rather labour intensive, it took an entire day to complete the daisies on one dress and make the matching bag...........
of course there are always interruptions of one sort of another, cats nagging for food, the postman at the door etc.
Looking through all my fabrics I found a scrap of pink floral that I used very many years ago for dresses for my daughters. 
Perfect for a little cream bear ................
We have a family get together planned for the weekend to celebrate Mervyn's forthcoming birthday so not much time for work. I still have two bears to complete then one order for a tiny meerkat. The next on line show is still a few weeks away but the way time flies I had better get working.
We somewhat desperately need rain, never thought that England could suffer from a drought! Not good for the vegetable garden. I recently purchased a tray of seedlings on line, 150 fragrant ruffled pansies. These duly arrived carefully packaged in a special cardboard box, they are tiny and transplanting them into bigger containers is going to take some time! I will have to include this task into my weekend plans as they have fast outgrown their present home!
Finally a very cute kitty picture
Have a good weekend.....................

"With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy."...Lope de Vega

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Southern Bears said...

Hi Wendy, your little girls are perfectly divine. I hope you eventually had a well deserved rest!

Pat xx


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