Monday, February 14, 2011

Working hard ................

I have had a hectic week, temping for three days and stitching frantically to complete my bears for the forthcoming Hugglets show. Hopefully this week I will have some pictures to show that I am actually making some progress.

Thank you so much for the kind comments as well as e-mails I received after my last blog update. This past week I received a call from a very subdued Austin just to let me know once again that he was fine but that two other soldiers from his regiment had just been killed in the Nad 'Ali district of  Helmand province. Another sad loss of life of two very young men aged just 20 and 22. This is not the place to discuss the political aspects of war and the military or the perception that soldiers should be aware of the dangers involved in their chosen career but rather a time to remember the ultimate sacrifice that they make for all of us.

"The military don't start wars. Politicians start wars". ~William Westmoreland

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