Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flowers and bears and things

Middle of the week and little to show for days of stitching, but onward and upward it will be!
I am still coughing but do seem to be on the road to recovery. My tried and trusted apple juice and ginger cough medicine works wonders!
The garden is still looking amazing, some pictures of pansies and my fairy flower fuchsias.

The bird restaurant is still attracting a large variety of birds. Sadly a sparrow hawk visited the garden this past week and killed one of the little birds. For several days our garden was quite empty but they are slowing returning. I have a mirror propped against one of the walls and a silly robin has been 'courting' his reflection, trying so hard to attract the bird in the mirror to respond to his antics which include picking up leaves and trying to get inside the mirror!
Sadly the cats are still having problems with fleas, after all the spraying, bathing, injections and continual vacuuming. Think that it will be some weeks before everything starts working in tandem and the fleas disappear. 
Mischka has a habit of sleeping in the strangest places, found him sleeping in my filing basket!
I have listed a little bear and her elephant companion on e-bay. A new pattern, she is a dainty little girl with a pretty knitted cardi with crochet trim around the sleeves. Her little elephant friend is just the perfect companion, think they make a very special set.

 A short blog, hope to have some new bears soon. Have some ideas buzzing around in my head, just need to complete orders and then sit down and start designing.
Until next time.

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.  ~Author Unknown

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