Thursday, October 29, 2009

Give-away ..................

As a special birthday thank you and in appreciation of all the special people who enjoy reading of my trials and tribulations, I will be holding a lucky draw for this special little girl bear. Amelia is 3.75" tall and is wearing a blue polka dot dress with tiny hand embroidered rosebuds on the front bodice and pocket.

All you have to do to participate is to leave a comment on this post by no later than Sunday, 8th November.
I would like to encourage you to leave a comment even if you do not have a blog. It does not take very long to open a blogger account and to sign up as a follower. This option allows you to see all the updates of your favourite bloggings so much more easily. Therefore if you are a follower of my blog you will get two chances in the draw. If you leave a comment you will receive one chance.

If you would like to put a link to my blog with the notice of the give away on your blog, I will give you three chances to win the little bear.

Good luck. The winner will be announced at 20h00 (GMT -1) on November 8th.


Bramblewood Bears said...

Your bear sure is a special girl! I know that whoever wins her will have quite a treasure! She is a pure delight!
Blessings and Bear Hugs,
Bramblewood Bears

Heather said...


I follow (did that already!) I am commenting, and I linked to her on my site :)

Lovely little girl!

Thank you!

Vicki said...

Oh what a beautiful little girl

Hope you had a lovely day Wendy
Vicki xx

pippinbear said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!! Amelia is WONDERFUL!! I wonder what she can put in that tiny pocket on her dress? Her dress is so pretty - it looks like there are some tiny flowers made in bullion stitch.

I really enjoyed reading your blogs and the lovely pictures. My Husband and I love cats too. We share our love and home and food with Agatha and Gi (pronounced like McGEE). They are both tabbies who found us and decided that we were acceptable humans(!)

Your comments about that Fall foliage in Britain reminded me about how pretty the trees in Indiana have been this year. Indiana is not the most beautiful place in the world, but we have lots of deciduous trees and the colors have been really beautiful this Fall.

Again, Happy Birthday and thank you for offering one of your fans the lovely Amelia!! Becky

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Wendy! Count me in, too! There's always room for one more friend! She's lovely.

IRIS said...

Hello, Wendy!
She is beautiful! I love her!
Hugs, Irene

Анюта said...

Hello, Wendy! I follow you, I am commenting, and I linked to her on my sidebar here
Thank you for the chance to win this lovely bear!

julietk said...

What a beautiful Bear I will spread the word.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Happy Birthday Wendy and welcome to England, I hope you settle in well and enjoy it here.
What a lovely giveaway. I have posted about it on my bears' blog:-

Anonymous said...

awww I would love to give the bear a home
I will let every one know about the contest

Violet Viola Viooltje said...

Congratulations on your birthday.

I would love to give Amelia a new home, she is super♥cute, btw there are some other little one's with wet noses and sticky huney paws looking through the monitor in front of me, they say they want to play with Amalia.

Jane said...

You're so generous to do this... Love Amelia, what a sweetheart. Hope you're having a great birthday week :)

Take care,

Dolores said...

OMG, Amelia is darling. Blue does suit her and it just happens to be my favourite colour.

Southern Bears said...

Hi Wendy, I hope you had a fabulous birthday. I'm sure Amelia would love to come and live with Vivian Rose in S.A. I will definitely post her on my blog.

Pat xx

Theodore M. Bear said...

Oh my stars! You are so very talented Wendy! I look forward to travelling through your wonderful site and seeing more of your beautiful creations!

I've added a post on my site for your bears and look forward to following it in the future!

~ Molly

Laraine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laraine said...

Happy birthday Wendy!

I follow your Blog regularly and love catching up on your news and all that's happened in your life.

Amelia is yet another master-piece! I've always admired your talent and amazing ideas.

Best wishes, Laraine

The House Of Genista said...

Hi Wendy!
What a gorgeous little Bear. I will link your giveaway to my blog.
Beary Hugs
Hillary Rose

Jo James said...

Oooh, I'd love to win such a darling little bear! I'll follow too, so please throw my name in your hat twice :)

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

What a beautiful little bear, I would love to be the lucky person to own such a bear. I have added your blog give a way photo to my blog.....

fannipauline said...

What a darling little bear. I have several bears and I dress them up for all occassions and use them as a centerpiece on my breakfast room table. Everyone one loves them and they make a very different centerpiece.......Bear Hugs go out to you....Pauline

bearlady said...

Hi Wendy many happy returns and your the one giving away the presents? Amelia is lovely how do you get them so full of detail so little? I am nopw a follower and I have put a link on my blog to you. Hope your birthday was a good one.

Raewyn (Woodbury Park Bears)

dora said...

Es precioso.
Cualquier persona, que lo tenga será feliz

Anonymous said...

Dear, Wendy!
What a wonderful giveaway!!
I'll be sooo happy to recieve a little girl Amelia!
She'll be my magic fairy-tale...
Also I want to say, that just such a kind people like You will change this World!
with respect,
Svetlana said...

What a gorgeous bear!! I'd love to win it to give to my new, new neice May Elizabeth who is just four weeks old - I'm collating a treasure chest of beautiful handmade things for her for when she is older (until she is old enough, she wil be allowed to look but not touch!) - I can just imagine her face if she had your bear in her collection. Thanks, Stephanie

Tammy said...

Happy belated birthday Wendy !! Mine was Oct.30th and I too gave a bear away to celebrate. Isn't that fun :)

Amelia is beautiful, and will be treasured by the lucky winner I'm sure.


sarah said...

I would like to learn how to make these bears with my girls. They would love them. I think today I will pick up some material etc and try. Way to go. Sarah

sablelexi said...

I would love to be entered!

I am following you, and I have posted a link on my site... I can't believe she's only 3.75 inches, that's amazing!

Vicki said...

Oh, my goodness, but Amelia is a beautiful bear! I just found your blog by way of Maureen. I am now a follower, and I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you for your generosity. If you have the opportunity, please come by Bunny Cottage for a visit. I love to have visitors! Blessings to you! Vicki

Cathy said...

Amelia is a beautiful. I know whoever wins here will cherish her forever.



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