Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday afternoon outing.................

It has been a difficult week. This six month sojourn in France whilst an amazing opportunity, is making both of us feel a little frustrated as our lives have always been somewhat hectic. We made a decision to leave South Africa and settle in Europe several years ago but for us it was not just a case of picking up a bag and leaving. There were properties to sell, animals to be taken care of and lots of things to dispose of. It took an awful long time and Murphy's law always has a hand in our lives and the world wide recession was certainly not something we had anticipated. We are both feeling a little unsettled which I think is not helping. I would love to be able to communicate more with my neighbours in French but I am finding that conversation is very different to the written French I learned at school. There is an very good computerised language course available which sounds like the perfect way to learn a new language but it comes with a hefty price tag unfortunately.
Today I visited the friendly vet to organise my kitties passports. I had no idea of what would be needed and just took all the piles of paperwork as I was under the impression that I had to take this to him well in advance of our move to the UK. He asked where the cats where and then explained to me that I only need to bring them in 2 days before I leave for the UK for their worm/tick treatment and he will give them their EU passports. I'm afraid that I do not understand all this quarantine formality as at no time did he ask how long I have been in France, just checked that they had their microchip and blood tests for rabies. I think this whole thing is just a fraud and money making racket for kennels in the UK. So in August when I am ready to move will have to take four kitties to the vet for a visit. After spending hours on the internet researching the formalities and requirements I am still none the wiser.
We visited a medieval fete in a small town about 44 mins from Pontivy today. We left late as I could not find Sasha cat when it was time to leave. At 12 he is our oldest cat and is the one kitty who is very predictable and does not disappear. After I had wandered around the neighbourhood calling for him, Mervyn started to get impatient and said that we should just go as he most probably was sleeping somewhere! Not too happy to do this but decided that he could not come to much harm as we would not be out too long.
The satnav took us on the usual winding narrow farm roads and also took us to the wrong town!! Re-programmed it and eventually arrived. It was quite fascinating set in the town square with lots of old buildings and another very old church. Everyone was dressed in amazing costumes and the stalls were selling plants, herbs and handcrafted shoes and jewellery. There was dancing with music and it was a most enjoyable and enlightening afternoon. A big fat black pot belly pig as well rabbits, ducks, geese and chickens were on display. Think there might have been more happening if we had arrived earlier, as most of the food was all sold from the stalls. It was a wonderful change and most enjoyable.
A few pics of the fete to share, this one of the Bretan musicians, don't think I can call them a 'band', very French with their felt hats.....
Soldiers in the square in front of the very old church
And finally a court jester with the pot belly pig and did this pig make a lot of noise!!!

I picked up some wonderful brochures from the tourist info office in Pontivy. Have discovered that Brittany has an interesting history with lots of wonderful towns and historical sites to visit so markets might take a back seat so that we can take the opportunity to visit some of these. After all I have enough junk of my own without buying more.
When we arrived home and my first thought was to look for Sasha, he was not at the front of the house but sitting by the french doors looking very sorry for himself. Had to give him a big hug to make up for his being shut out!! Wonder what the other furry kids thought with him outside!
Someone has finally opened the door and let summer weather in. The last few days have been absolutely wonderful, sunny and warm without the dreadful draining heat of Cape Town summers. Think it might get warmer over the next few weeks as obviously there must be a need for the ceiling fan in our bedroom!!
Once again I took a lot of wonderful pictures which I will add to a new album when I have time. Busy working on bears for my upcoming show so that is my first priority.

Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow. ~Douglas Pagels, These Are the Gifts I'd Like to Give to You

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