Friday, May 22, 2009

Creative times.........................

The past few weeks I have had the time to be creative in different ways. Yes there are some bears, a whole group of little brown bears, waiting to be completed for the upcoming Stratford show. Will have to look through my fabrics to find some colour for something different.... 'tho I did make the little red bear

However, I have completed some crochet flowers, not the best of colours but I was experimenting with patterns
and then my latest beading creations, still work to complete them and also find suitable ways to 'string' them without making beaded necklaces, I don't have enough beads for that. So the brain is working overtime to think of a solution. I purchased the pansy cabochon in California some years ago. The turquoise and brown cabochons are resin which were inexpensive but the colours and patterns attracted my attention and with the addition of beadwork they have become something quite special. I love Miyuka Delica beads as they are so beautifully made and fit together so well.

Then I have made a beaded hibiscus flower, still needs some work but it does look pretty. My biggest complaint with beading is that 'tho I have literally hundreds of beads (most of which are in storage) I never seem to have the right beads for my specific projects. Perhaps as I gain confidence in beading I might be able to use beads from my stash and create my own designs.

The market on Thursday was a nice outing but my only purchase was three English language books!! Not often I find these in France but for the price, something to read for a few weeks.

I no longer could put up with Henry the vacuum so after seeing one at a very good price on special at a local supermarket, I decided to take the plunge and buy one. It is small and neat and hopefully will do the work I need it to do for the next few months, at least saving my back. Annoying that I have a very expensive Miele vacuum in storage in SA but it does not help with my workload.

Another market this Sunday, also reasonably close to home, fuel prices seem to have risen here over the past few months. It is something different to start checking before filling up the car as each supplier has varying prices.

Enjoy your weekend..................

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ~Stella Adler


Southern Bears said...

Oh Wendy the beading creations are so beautiful and I am terribly envious of crochet flowers because I need some of them now and unfortunately I never learned how to crochet and cannot find anyone to teach me! PS. Your darling little bears look so vulnerable.

Pat xx

Wendy Chamberlain said...

Hello Pat
Check out the scrapbooking shops for crochet flowers. The beading shops and some of the fabric shops should also have them at a more reasonable price.
Hope you had a restful weekend, have a good week

Southern Bears said...

Thanks Wendy!


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