Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A big boy.......................

Today I completed a panda bear. This is something quite different for a change, not one of my delicate small bears but a robust child with an open mouth. This pattern has quite a history and was first used by Megan many years ago to make a brown and cream panda using mini mohair. She submitted a photograph of Andy Pandy to Teddy Bear & Friends in America and was thrilled to have her bear featured in the magazine. One day shortly thereafter and totally out of the blue, Megan received a phone call from America. The caller was Demi Moore's personal assistant who had been asked to order the bear for the actress! Megan's face was a picture as she really did not know whether this was a genuine call or not.
I felt that I needed to make something different for a change and on looking through my stock of patterns re-discovered this one. I have made it up with no changes other than an open mouth, though I would in future make smaller ears, his are rather bat like. I would also minimise the jaw line a little but he is a cute little boy bear. I find it interesting how my bears have evolved, some artists continue using the same pattern and develop their own unique style that way. I am inclined to get bored and change my style quite frequently so it is fun to go back and use some of my older patterns.
This weekend we visited a market quite close to Pontivy. I thought I would find my way there having copied a map off Google. However, when I left home I resorted to the 'security' of the satnav and followed the usual route to Pontivy which I know very well. Once in the town the satnav kept telling me to turn right, stupid thing did not know that the way was closed as the bridge over the canal was being repaired. It took me two circles in the same direction to realise what the problem was!
The market was not anything to get too excited about, the usual sort of stuff. The venue was however quite enchanting, a small lake with fishing and picnic facilities. The market was arranged around the paths and water features. The crockery in this house is all very basic and I have been looking for something to use as a fruit bowl so have been keeping an eye open for something suitable at one of the markets. Spotted a large circular platter in an unusual design. I learnt the history from the broken English of the stallholder, she purchased it in Sicily for her sister, who apparently did not like it. So I now have a hand painted Sicilian plate for my fruit.
On the way there I had spotted an enormous Church hidden away in the trees so on the way back home we took a little side road and discovered the most exquisite old church. Notre Dame De Quelven was started in 1470 and completed in 1590. Once again I took a number of pictures which I will have to add to my journal of pictures later. However, this is one which I had to share in my blog. The construction of medieval churches makes fascinating reading and some of the sculptors had a good sense of humour it seems, hence the two dogs fighting over a stick. This was just one of many of the stone carvings on this church, many of them unfortunately damaged.

The Stratford show is just around the corner, so it will be hard work this week so that I can post the bears to Megan to arrive in time. I will not be travelling to London for the show, it is just too expensive to drive there and the reality of trying to catch the assorted buses, train and taxi to get to Dinard Airport would require extensive planning as well as an overnight stop. I have not researched the possibility of taking a train to Paris and then the Eurostar to London but this is also not a cheap option.
So watch this space for some more new bears .............................

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo


Southern Bears said...

Your panda is a beautiful boy - what size is he? However, you can still see that he is Wendy's boy!

Pat xx

Wendy Chamberlain said...

Hi Pat
He is actually on 4" tall, though it is hard to tell from the pic.
Hope you are having a better week?


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