Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Friday..............

Interesting to discover that today was not a public holiday in France. However I discovered in my local newspaper that there was a craft show in Vannes, approximately 1 hour away. This was just something I could not miss! If I had a printer I could have saved a couple of Euros in entry fees but as this is also in storage, had to just pay the full entry.
Amazing venue, large and open with not a lot of exhibitors unfortunately. Two bead outlets which was great for me as I am definitely feeling deprived. The most amazing ribbons and laser cutouts in a wide range of sizes from Germany. Quilting and patchwork from England as well as a general craft outlet with Fimo and similar stuff. The Fimo was a bargain price so I had to buy some blocks, maybe I should have bought the table top oven last week! Wish Megan had been there as there were two cross stitch exhibitors with wonderful patterns, linens and threads. Maybe they do internet orders. I have noticed that the craft shows in the UK have declined in the past few years, they used to be amazing with all sorts of things to buy. Even the scrapbooking seems to be on the wane or maybe it is just a sign of the times
The weather has seemingly reverted to winter this past few days and I am beginning to understand the need for a catflap door. Mischka wants out a lot of time and I cannot cut holes in the doors in this house so he wanders around shouting. When he get outside he is furious as it is wet and cold so he comes back and sits outside complaining. He then goes to the front door and wants out, as if the weather will be better that side! Silly cat.
Am hoping we will have a clear day this weekend the lawn needs attention!
Monday is a public holiday and I have discovered several markets will be on so we will most probably be paying at least one of them a visit.
Now that my prototype bears are complete and I have a lot of completed bears to send to America, I maybe can take a couple of days off to do some beading so perhaps pictures soon of a beaded creation.
Wishing all the blog followers a wonderful Easter holiday, don't eat too much chocolate!

After scolding one's cat one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference. ~Charlotte Gray

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