Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bottoms up, a duck family and a picnic in the park.............

Bottoms up!!! Could not resist this pic of two ducks busy foraging on the bottom of the rather murky pond.

Today being Easter Sunday was not sure if there would be any markets. However, discovered that these seem to a favourite weekend happening so there were as usual, several to choose from. On previous weekends we have had the roads pretty much to ourselves. Not sure if it is the warmer weather, but today the roads were busy with caravans, loaded cars and general holiday traffic. Drove to Loriant and discovered that this is a very big city. As the details I have of markets is very basic and the Satnav works on finding specific streets, I eventually gave up on trying to find this antique market. It was a different route so the it was a great outing and we stopped at a smaller town with a flea market on the way home. Though there were a few items of interest, the majority was stuff that quite frankly I was giving away just a few short months ago!
We stopped at a very lovely park with a small lake, beautiful trees, ducks and a couple of swans. The first water birds I have seen in Brittany in the several months that we have been here.

This is mommy duck with all of her thirteen babies. Don't think I have ever seen such a large family with just one mother. Hope she manages to raise them all, she was very anxious of my being there taking pics and trying to control a brood that size is quite an achievement.The park was set in the middle of a grove of some really beautiful trees including several very old swamp cyprus and a willow with bright new green leaves. Great for my soul, I love trees!

Finally for those of you who love cats there is a website worth a visit. Pictures of cats in their various day to day activities are given amusing captions, some of which have me literally rolling on the floor laughing. As I have four cats and am constantly amused by their antics I love this site:

This is one of the more recent pics. Talk about a self satisfied kitty!

Enjoy the last day of the holiday.

To the great tree-loving fraternity we belong. We love trees with universal and unfeigned love, and all things that do grow under them or around them - the whole leaf and root tribe. ~Henry Ward Beecher


Patricia said...

What a good mommy she is! And thanks for the kitty info. Take care.

Wendy said...

Hi Pat
Enjoy the kitty website, just what I need some days, really makes me smile.
Love your little Issy. Megan also completed her Easter rabbit very late. She had to make a new head as the face split when she was stuffing it!


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