Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend markets ......................

"No heaven will not ever Heaven be / Unless my cats are there to welcome me." -

Epitaph in a pet cemetery =^..^=

France is well known for its markets, fresh produce and antiques. There is a Monday market every week in Pontivy, have not been there early enough to see what is on offer but as it is still winter/early spring most probably it will not be very vibrant for another month or so. I know that the French like to buy 'fresh' meat and I saw live chickens on sale. I am a total coward in this regard and would prefer to buy off the supermarket shelf without any contact with the living creature.
Yesterday we checked on the internet and discovered several antique markets in various parts of Brittany. So after choosing what we thought was the shortest trip, acc
ording to the Google map a trip of only 30 mins. We set off with the trusted satnav and discovered that the trip was actually over an hour. No problem as we saw another part of the countryside, very picturesque with forests and not so much farming. According to the website this was a vide-greniers market, roughly translated as 'empty attic'.
The market was held in a school in a small village called Bains Sur Oust. A disappointing market as it was more of a flea market with all sorts of children's clothing and toys for sale and some bric a brac. I managed to get some Dylon dye for a very reasonable price. As I need to dye fabric for my bears and my dyes are packed somewhere in storage in SA this was a great find. Will keep trying out the markets as there are apparently amazing bargains to be found. I am always on the hunt for vintage textiles and old silk/velvet flowers.

We drove through some very lovely villages once again with the ancient buildings, narrow streets and beautiful churches.
Most people know that we are cat fanatics and I have to share some pictures of the most wonderful shop. It appears to be the outlet for a sculptor and there were the most amazing small realistic bears and other creatures in the window. It was unfortunately not open but anyway don't think my purse would stre
tch that far.

This is the door to the shop Le Chat Noir (The black cat)

A series of sculptures including this cat's head are attached to the front of the building

Then there is this kitty walking down the building, he has a fish attached to his tail!

Wish I had been able to photograph more of the building but it was a narrow street with a constant traffic flow...........

This is the door handle, a bronze kitty!
Today is Megan's birthday so a special dinner tonight with sickly cake for tea!

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ­ Jonas Salk

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blue-doggie said...

I love all the kitties, especially the one walking down the wall dragging the fish. Wow! :-)


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