Monday, March 23, 2009

A trip to the airport....................

No pics just a short blog on today's adventure. Megan flew back to London from Dinard which is our nearest airport, a much cheaper option than taking a train (one of several) to Paris and the Eurostar to London. Dinard is approx one and half hours from Kerfourn and we set off the the trusty Satnav just after lunch. As this little gadget seems to work on taking the shortest possible route it can be quite interesting. We wandered through fields, some forests, tiny villages and some two lane highways but mostly along narrow country roads. As French drivers seems to always be in a hurry these narrow roads can be a little terrifying as you speed around a corner to meet a big farm machine with trailer or an enormous truck. There are sometimes no lines on the road, no verges expect a narrow strip of grass and very deep ditches next to the road. How many drivers end up in these I can only wonder it is a case of aim your car for the gap and hope for the best.
We arrived at the airport in good time with only a couple of 'recalculating' episodes from the Satnav. The airport is tiny and Megan passed a snide comment that she hoped she was not flying on a 'crop duster'. We had a good strong cup of French coffee and left Megan to wait for her flight and started for home. Of course Mervyn had to stop at a big supermarket on the way, his passion for food is well catered for in France!
This is the first time I have had to handle the Satnav on my own and except for one episode when I turned right too soon and ended up in the grounds of an extremely large quarry found, our way home quite easily. So tomorrow I will have to organise my upstairs landing workspace and get working on putting together all the bits of bears littering the dining room table.

There is a light at the end of every tunnel…just pray it’s not a train!

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Patricia said...

The Satnav - well done you brave woman!


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