Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some more pictures.................

Thanks to good old e-bay and the fast postal service in Europe, my new camera usb cable arrived yesterday so I was finally able to download all the pictures I had taken over the past few weeks. It was interesting as there are some pictures of the marathon trip from Durban to Pringle Bay that I had totally forgotten about as well as the pics taken in England and France and of course all the bears at the Hugglets show.
So here goes....................

This amazing sunrise was taken whilst driving down the south coast towards Port Shepstone. Love beautiful skies and I'm afraid that I cannot resist capturing beautiful sunrises/sunsets.

The beautiful green hills in the southern part of Natal above. The pic below is at a service station where we stopped to refuel just before Swellendam. This most amazing little garden was obviously very new but once established will be really beautiful.
and of course more Pringle Bay beach scenes, a flying saucer hiding in the cloud over the mountain perhaps and another beautiful sunset.

The finger pointing to the sky?
Watch this space, more pictures tomorrow.......

"Were I to paint myself, that would be what I would try to capture: a person intent on seeing, even if what is to be seen isn't fully comprehended." - Gregory Maguire.


Spruce Creek Farm said...
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Spruce Creek Farm said...

Just wanted to drop in and say Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.
This is my first visit to your blog and I've really enjoyed my visit.
I was surprized to read your post about the baboon coming into your house and stealing some banana's from you. I think that would be a little scarey. Animals are so unpredictable and baboons are so large.
I admire your bead work. You do a nice job. I think that would be a pretty neat future craft project for me to explore. I remember my duaghter making some bead jewlery in her younger years.
Come back and visit me some time!

Wendy said...

Hello Brenda
thank you for visiting my blog. Glad you enjoyed reading of my recent exploits.
The baboon was quite scarey as they can get mean if cornered. Unfortunately we have invaded their environment so there has to be some give and take.
Will definitely come and visit your blog again.


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