Friday, February 20, 2009

A new journey...............

A weary traveller yet again. This morning we set off from Pontivy to drive to Calais and the Eurotunnel. We managed to complete new bears for Hugglets in record time and as I have to collect my sewing goodies as well as all the clothing and bedding sent by unaccompanied baggage it was decided that I would drive Megan back to the UK, collect all my stuff and drive back to France.
As it is approx a 6 hour drive to Calais we had planned to leave home at 6am with the good guidance of the satnav to get us there in time for the 1350 train to Folkstone. Well the satnav played dumb as we did not have the postal code for the Calais address and after much muttering and hauling out the laptop, connecting it to the internet to find out exactly where we had to travel to, we only left some time after 6.30. We set off in the dark along narrow farm roads near the cottage. Now French country roads do not have street lights and there is a deep ditch running alongside the road which is daunting to say the least. For some reason the satnav decided that our journey was only 35 minutes and as we did not notice this immediately set off in the wrong direction! On realising our mistake we turned round and took the correct route. This meant a further delay. However, once on the way the going was good 'tho it was rainy and rather misty at times. We made good progress stopping for the requisite petrol refill on the way and the many toll stops. There is the most amazing bridge along the route which I hopefully will be able to photograph on the way home if the weather is good enough!
All went well until the last stage of the journey. The very last toll had only one person on duty so a long queue formed which lost us precious time. The road was also under repair with only one open lane which with all the big trucks slowed down the traffic considerably. We had to put foot to get to Calais fortunately the speed limit is high and we made it in time. However, as we were late we decided that we would take a further break in England.
Well this did not work as there are few service stations with toilet facilities in England it seems. We decided that London was not that far so we would just keep going.
Arrived on the outskirts of London without any problems. However, thanks to the good old satnav took a wrong turning which lead us into the centre of London instead around the circular route. Have never had any ambition to drive in London but this route took us right through central London, round Russell Square over Waterloo Bridge and through the tourist street of Camden Town on a Friday afternoon!!!! Eventually arrived at Golders Green totally stressed and exhausted and with a desperate need to spend a penny!
Now to get labelling bears and prepare for the show on Sunday. Will try and find the cable for my camera tomorrow so I can put some pics on the blog.

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Patricia said...

Hi Wendy

Thank you for your words of encouragement on my blog. Yes, I have been following your trials and tribulations and I say "Well done and good luck to you and your family!" Now please let me see the bears!!


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