Monday, February 23, 2009

Hugglets show ........................

The Winter Bearfest was surprisingly well attended. With the present economic climate I was not expecting such a good turn out but all the arctophiles were there to get their 'bear' fix and our sales were good. Thank you to our special collectors. We had not much time to make many new bears for this show but we returned home with only a few 'older' bears which we had taken to help fill up the table.
It was a good to see old friends and catch up with all the happenings in their lives. It is really wonderful how many friends we have made over the years of attending shows from all around the world.
On my marathon trip Friday afternoon when the good old satnav sent me through central London I was very much aware that I would be fined for not paying the congestion charges. A kind friend told me that I could go on line and pay the fee with a small extra charge and save the £40 fine. This I did when I returned to Megan's flat so thank goodness that was sorted out.
Still have not found the cable for my camera so pics are not yet available. Hopefully when I unpack the boxes with our 'unaccompanied baggage' it will be there and I can get working on the webpage and other things. 'Tho without my computer it is going to be a difficult task. My laptop is very limited for work of this nature and I will have to wait for the insurance claim to be processed to obtain a replacement! Curses to the fool who dropped my computer en route to the UK, so much for the many fragile stickers on the wrapping.
We are planning to return to France onWed morning. Megan insists that I cannot drive all that way on my own so she will return with me and fly back home later next week using Ryan Air's cheap flight from Denard in southern Brittany. We have a lot of work to do in the garden of the cottage and this should keep us well occupied for the summer we are there. Spring was showing just a little in new growth on the trees. There is a grape vine by the front door as well as apple, nut and a cranberry trees. Should be quite interesting to have such a good size garden again after my pocket handkerchief in Cape Town. One of my ex neighbours sent me a pic of my old house with the new owners washing hung all across the front verandah. Not a pretty sight and he is quite incensed about it. It does look terrible but it is no longer my home so I really do not feel very concerned. I was surprised when I took a final look around once the house was empty and felt little sadness to be leaving as it was no longer my home. Just proves that four walls do not make a home it is what is inside that counts.
A woman is like a teabag, you don't know how strong she is until she is in hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt


Patricia said...

It is my burning ambition to be at next years' Hugglets Show. I cannot imagine a greater treat than to see all those wonderful bears and their makers! And Essential Bears are my absolute favourites.

blue-doggie said...

The quote about the teabag is rather apt, Mom. Should've kept it for your next post ;-) love u lots

Patricia said...

You have been tagged!


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