Monday, February 16, 2009

Internet connection at last..................

Well many days have passed since I last wrote any happenings in my blog. So much has happened in the interim that I will have to split my adventures into several episodes!
We had so much stuff that was to be sent by unaccompanied baggage and the packers finally arrived on Wed to pack the computers and some items of clothing as well as all my sewing things that I will need for the next few months. This was a fairly speedy process and they left with 8 boxes to be sent by air! This is some 200kg weight so will be a little pricey.
The last few days were so hectic, the car to be delivered to the purchaser, the kitties to the vet for their last injections and health inspection and then some two hours at the bank to change contact details.
We finally left Pringle Bay in the very early hours of Saturday 7th Feb, we had a daytime flight to catch! As we were travelling with winter clothes our suitcases were extremely heavy and I had two bags of foodstuffs and some of my special teas which I just had to 'donate' to two very happy Rasta guys at the service station where we refuelled the car. Of course our luggage was overweight but we had the sweetest little check in clerk who let us off without having to pay! Thank goodness but BA does have a sensible system and unless your luggage exceeds 32kg there is a flat rate of £25 for anything over 23kg. Our flight left an hour late due to the snow at Heathrow delaying the outbound flight.
An uneventful flight and safe arrival at Heathrow to be met by Austin and Megan. Thank goodness for Austin's muscles to help carry heavy suitcases.
Sunday I bought a car! Very nice Vauxhall MPV (multi purpose vehicle) in excellent condition and with all the space we need. Not eco friendly but after trying to pack so much stuff into a small car I decided never again!
Watch this space for the next episode, our journey to France

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