Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another step in the big move..................

This is a picture of Max in the car whilst we were on the marathon journey. Unfortunately I do not have access to Photoshop at the moment so I cannot really add many pictures to my blog. This is my first blog entry using the laptop which was a very special Christmas present. Am getting used to it but it is very different to my old PC.
Today the packers arrived to pack the remaining items for storage as well as the rather large amount of things we are sending 'unaccompanied baggage'. This is a cheaper option than having overweight luggage but between us there is a lot of stuff.
Yesterday we had a visit from a baboon. Whilst I was busy working on the computer, Bronwen was sitting on the floor packing her suitcase with Max the dog sitting next to her. We were only aware of the naughty beastie when he grabbed the bananas (again) and took off for the door. Max was furious that he had missed the fun but we can be grateful as these creatures can be mean when cornered. Today a head and hands appeared on the stable door and he ran off when I told him to get lost. A whole troop wandered up the road shortly afterwards.
We have to take Max to the airport this afternoon as he is flying to London to the quarantine kennels this evening. I hope he will not be too traumatised by the whole ordeal but it is the best option for him.
My sewing supplies are all packed away now and I am feeling quite lost without anything to do with my hands.
Still have a couple of hectic days ahead of us tomorrow and Friday. Still waiting for the house proceeds to be cleared so that I can actually access the money. I am not impressed with attorneys, banks or estate agents at the moment. All first in line for their fees but too bad if you the client are inconvenienced.
We have to get a radio for Bronwen to replace the one which was added to the list of donations we have made between to RDP in this country. Tomorrow I also have to take my kitties to the vet for their final inspection prior to their flight to France next week.
Then all that will be left is to try and stuff all the remaining items into suitcases which do not stretch. We leave here very early Saturday morning to catch the morning flight to London.
So watch this space for the next step in the big move.......................

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