Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The wind howls.........................

Megan returned to London last evening flying with Qatar Airlines via Doha. Apparently nice airline with lots of movies and reasonable service but it is the long way round. She only arrives late this afternoon. Luggage was some 14kg overweight and at R390 per kg we had to remove all her pattern books which weighed so much!! More to be sent with the unaccompanied baggage parcel.
The past few days the wind has been blowing gale force strength and driving my old car round twisting mountain passes has been hair raising to say the least. It was quite amazing to watch the wind blowing across the sea sending up clouds of spray and even in one instance a sort of whirlpool effect. Today had to go into Cape Town (again................) and it was so hot there, actually glad to get back and 'tho the wind is still blowing gales this side of the mountain it is at least a little cooler.
This is a strange place. Suits my science fiction tendencies, go for a walk in the evening and at least 80% of the houses are locked up and unoccupied, almost as though the inhabitants have been stolen away by some alien force. No one leaves any lights on at night, there are no street lights and it is pitch black outside. Must admit that this city girl leaves a light on at the front door. Must light up Pringle Bay! The visiting kitty has returned home, apparently his owners were away and he came looking for companionship. Hope my kitties will endure their long journey without any problems, really worried about little Leila.
Megan did manage to complete a bear for e-bay before leaving and I completed an order so for a change herewith some bear pics.
Austin is a very beautiful traditional style bear with a sailor collar

One of our collectors ordered a repeat of the two Companions from the gallery on our webpage, the first set went to live in Namibia. The new set is off to the Emirates! Wish I could travel the world as easily as our bears!

Found the following recently when looking for something on the net and it needs to be read carefully to catch the meaning. Really a different viewpoint and thought provoking. I thought most appropriate especially with the new American President's inauguration today............

To those who followed Columbus and Cortez, the New World truly seemed incredible because of the natural endowments. The land often announced itself with a heavy scent miles out into the ocean. Giovanni Verrazano in 1524 smelled the cedars of the East Coast a hundred leagues out. The men of Henry Hudson's Half Moon were temporarily disarmed by the fragrance of the New Jersey shore, while ships running farther up the coast occasionally swam through large beds of floating flowers. Wherever they came inland they found a rich riot of color and sound, of game and luxuriant vegetation. Had they been other than they were, they might have written a new mythology here. As it was, they took inventory. Frederick Turner

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