Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A very sad day .............................

Dogs are miracles with paws. - Author Unknown

How do you say goodbye to a special four legged companion whose love is unreserved and constant. Today we had the dreadful task of having Megan's little French poodle euthanised. It was a difficult decision but she was nearly seventeen years old, almost totally blind and deaf and starting to develop kidney ailments. However, she still ate well, enjoyed her walks and danced for joy when we returned home. As the vet had told us that she was highly unlikely to survive the trauma of a marathon move to Europe it was the kindest option available to us. We are a family totally devoted to our pets and could not have passed her on to some one else who 'tho they might have looked after her well, possibly would not have shown her the same love that she has received in our home. So farewell little Jessie and hambe gahle (go well) where you now wander. Thank you for the joy and pleasure you gave to us for the many years you were part of our family, you have left a gap which will be hard to fill.

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really. - Agnes Sligh Turnbull

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Anonymous said...

Dear old Jones will be missed by us all :-(


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