Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas website update complete at last .............

Well I have finally completed my two Christmas bears. I have also updated our webpage with both Megan and my creations so now to get down to packing and orders!!! The little round bear I have decorated as a pointsettia flower. She is a slightly different pattern to my usual bears and is somewhat round with a bigger head.
Megan has as usual, produced some wonderful bears. She has limited resources on hand as all our working 'stuff' (ribbons, trims and even the decorative items) are all here in South Africa. Her story of how difficult it has been to 'antique' the paper cone and finding suitable fabric for some of her clothing is a story in itself. Hopefully she will relate it in her blog.
Now on to the more mundane a
reas of my life.
Yesterday I discovered that it is a good idea to colour code the plastic containers in your cupboard. Very tired and in a big rush to get washing done and complete my bears, I threw all my dark washing in the machine, grabbed a bright pink bottle from the cupboard and sploshed a healthy am
ount on the items at the top of the wash. My scream of anguish must have been heard down the block as I realised that the bright pink bottle was Domestos (kills all germs and bleaches fabric in a matter of seconds) and not Vanish stain remover. Fortunately I had flung in a white top (which had had a close encounter with the curry sauce I was cooking the previous evening) on top of all the washing. Most of the Domestos went on to this. I grabbed the top pile of clothing and dashed to the bathroom, flung it all in the bath and poured copious amounts of water on to try and stop the bleaching effect. Thankfully as I had not had time to go to the store to replace the Domestos and had watered it down to make it last a day or two longer, not too much damage was done to the 'dark' washing. A reason to ensure that I purchase another 'fragrance' of Domestos that is not in the same colour container as Vanish!!

I receive a lot of strange looks and comments when I tell people that I am moving to Europe particularly when I mention that I am taking 4 cats with me. My cats are all rescue cats who have joined our family over a period of several years and have become their own little clan. Last night as I was switching out lights on my weary way to bed I happened to notice that three kitties were sleeping in a puddle on the couch. Just had to share this picture of kitty bliss. 'Tho it is mid summer and the weather is extremely hot this huddle of cats was so special. Today I went into my bedroom and found a similar scene of three cats spread over my bed.

I am most probably a complete fool and the move will be traumatic for both the cats and myself but I could not give up this little family of cats to anyone. I know that it would be impossible to find a home for all of them together. To separate them would be so unkind and from what I understand cats are very difficult to assimilate into another household. So for all the expense and worry this move will cause I have to make a place in my new home for these kitties. Well this move should make interesting reading in my blog sometime in the not too distant future. We will be spending about 4 weeks up the coast in Pringle Bay in a tiny cottage as we have to move out of our house early January. The cats will have to spend all their time inside the house as I cannot risk them getting lost at this stage. They are city cats and this is country with snakes and baboons! There have been major fires in the area this past week with the loss of several houses. Should be an interesting start to our major move.

~There are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats~ Anonymous

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