Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner........

Can't believe that it is almost Christmas. Megan arrives on Wednesday as does Bronwen's stuff from Durban. Should be an interesting day as Megan will be totally exhausted from a long flight and quite literally thrown into helping as she steps in the door! Bronwen is also making the big move to Europe and has sent a few items of furniture as well as some 30 boxes of her precious belongings down to Cape Town. The entire lot can then be shipped together sometime during the second half of next year. It will be difficult planning just what I can actually take to France as I have to keep working, so will have to put together a good supply of sewing supplies, fabrics and ribbons.
The house is looking a little less cluttered but an awful mess with stuff everywhere. I have sold the set of plastic drawers that we used to store ribbon and fabric in so had to pack all that stuff into one of my handy plastic containers. I also have to move everything off the computer workstation today and fit it onto a table as that will be leaving tomorrow. I advertised it on Gumtree with a picture. The young chap who 'phoned said he could only collect it on Monday evening. When I said that is fine as I have to move all the stuff, he replied "Yes, there is a lot there". Of course that is what a computer workstation is for, computer, keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner, discs etc etc. If we were just sending furniture there would not be that much but with all the books, beads, fabrics and threads etc it makes up to quite a lot of items.
Having sold almost all the big items and most of my pot plants I am now left with boxes of surplus china, bed linen and other things that I cannot honestly remember why I acquired them in the first place. This is the hardest stuff to sell and I have a couple of people who are interested in scratching through the boxes. What is left over I will take to the animal charity shop which is desperately looking for bric 'n brac to sell for funds. So much is done for human welfare organisations and I know that it hardly scratches the surface. However, I hear more and more of animal welfare desperately in need of assistance. Not talking about the SPCA which seems to get by relatively well. Bronwen is involved with a small group of concerned animal lovers in the Durban area run by an elderly lady who still works and devotes most of her salary and spare time to helping animals in need. Apparently there are 38 puppies in need of a home being cared for by one of these volunteers.
I read in our local newspaper of the Animal Rescue Organisation needing donations and decided to visit their website. They do amazing work in the local townships caring for malnourished and abused animals as well as the cart horses. I just had to share one of the pictures on their site. It is of pair of meerkats sneaking into a farm house in the middle of winter to sit by the fire for the evening. Quite amazing."

"This picture was taken in by a farmer who was amazed to see these two little creatures slip through the door passed him, as he opened it to enter from a sudden icy blizzard outside. They made their way straight to the fireplace, where they stayed all night. The next morning brought a sunny day, when they slipped out of the door again, as it was opened, and disappeared into the veld!"

Who says animals are not intelligent...........

~Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale~ Hans Christian Anderson

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