Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Creative - what is that!

Cannot believe that another week has flown by. All the kits are completed and in the post including the ones to Russia. I really appreciate just how much time and effort Megan puts into the kits. Now I need to get down and make bears as Hugglets is just a few weeks away.
I am going through a period of creative frustration. Want to do other things, like my beading and embroidery but as I have to make a living bears are the most important to get working on at the moment.

Which raises another little niggly thing in life. Having made bears almost full time since 1992 and having travelled the world attending shows etc I find it quite funny when strangers ask what I do for a living. 'You make teddy bears..................'. Most people do not understand that these are collectible items, just the same as other art forms. I read on some one's blog the other day that textile artists seem to have a tendency to have to explain their creations which I suppose is for the same reason. What is considered art? The following quote was included in the article which I think is most appropriate:
"Explanations are the traitor of art. Serious art defies interpretation, and artists should resist the call to explain
themselves"................Jonathan James
We have had a severe winter this year with lots of rain which is good 'tho apparently our dams are not totally full, obviously built in the wrong places! However, spring is just around the corner, the past few days have been quite mild and I have snowdrops opening in the garden, my freesias are full of buds (which the worms are eating!). Mixed blessings as I do not enjoy the hot summers very much. The sky has been quite beautiful recently, possibly due to the extreme cold and less pollution. I have to share some pictures taken from my front step of an amazing
sunrise. Could not resist sharing this beautiful sky even 'tho it includes the neighbour's roof and chimney pots.

We had a wonderful afternoon at Cathy's house 'tho I did not do much sewing as I was still not feeling my best. Finally seem to be coming right again after a double dose of antibiotics!
Well it is time to get on with some work but I have to end with this quote which I think is quite wonderful:
"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces I would still plant my apple tree"......Martin Luther

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