Friday, July 25, 2008

The end of another week

Well I know that I have a husband who is the most 'unhandyman' around but his tendency to be accident prone has increased with age. This afternoon he was busy painting the burglar guards on a neighbour's house. He returned home looking a little shaken and said that he had miscalculated and missed the last step on the ladder. Unfortunately he landed on the pavement and I have had to patch up scratches on hand and elbow which look quite awful.
Went to the Hobby-X show this morning at the Grand West Casino! Firstly the venue is rather out of the way and there is no signage to help visitors find the show. Total waste of R30 each entrance fee, very small show with a handful of exhibitors and a lot of junk. There were problems with the credit card payments so I don't think it will be the most successful show ever. Bought a few beads, a book and some new scissors. Very disappointed and not impressed, come on Cape Town is that the best we can do. Is this the most dead end part of the country as far as crafts is concerned!
We have a lot of children in our neighbourhood. Mostly boys with bicycles who drive me quite insane by riding up and down the road playing with their cell phones and MP3s. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, two of them were in Long Street on Wednesday afternoon, a car pulled up threw the boy off his bike, took his cell phone, keys etc and drove off. It is quite sad that they had to target a child but this is the new South Africa I suppose.
Two lookers at the house today, one an investor and the other the father of one of my neighbours. A very charming French gentleman called Jean-Luc. It is becoming exhausting always keeping the house tidy and ready for inspection so to speak but hopefully something will happen soon, after all St Joseph must be getting rather dirty and cold in the garden.
Almost finished the panda but have to do kits as I have an order from America as well as a local order for 13 kits!!! Oh joy not my favourite but it means paying the telephone account I suppose!!
Supposed to be going to Cathy's house for our sewing afternoon tomorrow, as I have lost my navigator I must say that I am terrified that I will get lost and I have absolutely no idea how to get there.
Should be interesting.

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