Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New bears and some knitting fun ..............

After all the excitement of the previous few weeks I at last have managed to complete a few orders,  made a new bear for E-bay and started to plan, somewhat belatedly, for the forthcoming on line show.

I also found time to have some knitting fun.  I love crochet work but having recently knitted a little lace edged top for one of my bears, I discovered the beauty of fine knitting.  So after some internet research I experimented with knitting lace edging which I planned to add to my existing cardigan pattern.  My first effort was rather too long so I put it on one side to complete later.   Here is the second attempt, a cute little cardi, all complete, blocked and ready for the bear.

The cardigan was for this little girl called Bianca.   She is made from a piece of pure silk which I purchased at Hugglets earlier this year and is one of my slightly bigger bears.  The cardi is a perfect match for the tiny print on her trousers which I edged with vintage lace and tiny bows. 

I continued with the piece of discarded lace knitting with the idea that it would make a pretty trim for a pin cushion.  I must admit that I am not a patient knitter and I was working away feeling very pleased with the result when disaster struck.   The knitting yarn broke and with all the 'slip ones' and 'knit togethers' it would have taken a lot of time to pick up stitches and carry on.  However, I do have a piece of pretty knitting which can be added to something in the future.

I decided to look through and attempt to tidy up all the bits of paper in my knitting file as I do have a habit of designing something, then filing the pattern away without keeping a picture for future reference.  Several years later it is rather hard to remember what the scribbled instructions actually look like made up.   This was one of those knitting experiments re-made in cream yarn.

Having recently dyed some fabric for Megan I added a piece of vintage long pile to the pot.  The result is a very pretty pale duck egg blue and using Megan's latest pattern design I made up this little bear using the dyed fabric.

I searched through all my boxes of trimmings and found something very special.  Made by polymer clay wizard from South Africa,  Manda Theart, the wreath of tiny flowers in pastel colours was just what this bear needed and I added toning embroidered flowers to the front of the cardi ......... and this is Guinevere, now on E-bay.

Now I just have to start working on some ideas for the on line show ........ so until next time,  back to work. 


Dolores said...

Well done. Love the lace knitting and all the little 'extras' you put on to embellish.

Elizabeth said...

I do the same when I design a new pattern - forget what my scribbles actually mean when I go back to them. Love the lace knitting you have done on the blue cardigan - I'm not that clever.

mcddiss said...

una preciosidad de de osito , y la chaqueta queda muy mona con esos bordados delante, la corona de flores le da un toque muy fresco



Mäsywi-Bären said...

Wendy the bears are wonderful and the new knitting is the hit

regards from sylvia


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