Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox

Just a short blog to celebrate the first day of spring in 2014,  a much awaited event by so many of us in the northern hemisphere.  After a long dreary winter it is wonderful to see all the spring flowers everywhere adding a touch of colour to the landscape 'tho there is a rather strong wind blowing today.  Washed my Amish patchwork quilt and hung it out to dry rather worried that it would end up in the next county.

I have also just discovered that March 20th has been declared 'the International Day of Happiness'.  A great idea,  a day to show some kindness,  hug a special friend and above all be happy!

Still busy stitching, two almost complete and one to go for the next batch of orders.  Lots of new ideas swirling around in my head, must be the sunshine but a good incentive to get all the orders complete and then have some fun experimenting and perhaps get back to the knitted dress.

A bear picture to share,  this is Bonnie one of my handful of bears now on E-bay.  When looking through all the fabrics I found a small piece of most unusual rosewood coloured vintage rayon, just enough for one little bear.   She is wearing a pretty cotton floral print dress and is trimmed with flowers,  ribbon and beads and holding a cream flower trimmed handbag.

I will share some of my new bears once they are all complete.  The theme is 'teddy bear's picnic' so lots of pretty embroidered dresses sounds like a good idea.

And finally a most apt description of March spring weather,  very well said Mr Dickens....

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.  ~Charles Dickens, from Great Expectations


Elizabeth said...

It's been a cold spring day down here, the wind has been really chilly - sadly spring has started with a heavy down pour too! just when we were all drying out. Hopefully the weekend will improve. Bonnie looks lovely in her spring dress.

mcddiss said...

una osita preciosa, me encanta ese vestidito , muy bonita la frase de Dickens




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