Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Valentine's Day bear

A short and sweet blog update. Between all the hectic sewing I have managed to create a special little girl bear for Valentine's Day.  She is called Sugar Candy is now listed on E-Bay.


She is made from a tiny scrap of pale pink vintage long pile upholstery velvet with cream head and hands.  Searched through all my boxes of trimmings to find the tiny heart shaped lace which I have stitched around her wrists.  We have recently managed to find some more pieces of vintage long pile,  very hard to source and sometimes incredible pricey but sufficient for a good number of bears.

Having stitched innumerable little bears of all shapes and sizes I am now in the boring process of stuffing and closing seams.   The worst part of bear making!  Next stage is faces, then jointing and finally deciding how to dress them and time is racing along as usual.

The weather continues to be quite dreadful with strong winds and grey skies.  Fortunately we have not been personally affected by the floods but our little village has flood warnings in place and the small stream down the road is now a fast flowing small river.

Until next time with hopefully some completed bears for Hugglets.

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