Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bears, bears and more bears ...........

Lots of bear photos this time.  Four of the 'naked' bears are now dressed and complete and I have actually stitched several more which are now in the process of being stuffed, seams closed etc.  Not the nicest part of bear making.

Now for the dressed bears. First there is Brodie in his gingham overalls with beautiful hand sculpted polymer clay train buttons on the front pocket and his ultrasuede 'paper boy' cap.  The little buttons are made by a special friend from South Africa, Manda Theart, a polymer clay wizard.

Looking through old pictures I discovered a little bear with a two tone face using a long forgotten pattern.  Decided it might be something to help my creative doldrums and this is Cassandra.  Her dress is edged with pink ruched ribbon, a pricey buy from one of the exclusive ribbon shops in London.  I added the embroidery to match her dress and made a little crochet cardi. The pink ribbon and flowers on her head are from my stash and also most probably one of my finds in a fancy store as there is only a 1/2 metre piece!

This little girl is called Abigail.  The skirt of her dress is rather a little too full,  I do have a habit of cutting it a little bigger and sometimes get rather carried away.  She is also wearing a crochet cardi.  Whether I will ever be able to repeat the patterns from my scribblings should be interesting.  I am inclined to design as I crochet and sometimes add a stitch or two to make it all work.

And finally ......... the Chewbacca look alike has had a major revamp.  His open mouth has been removed and his ears moved higher on his head.  A big improvement, complete with a gingham ruff and tiny brass charms Stanley is now ready for his debut on E-bay.

Recently I spent many hours looking through a multitude of photographs for one of our older patterns.  Hence the reminder of designs not used for several years and the discovery of this picture of my little boy kitties sleeping in the front garden of our house in Cape Town.

Bella kitty has doubled in size and is now six months old.  We are not sure of her ancestry and with her exceptionally long tail and slightly tufted ears it will be interesting to see just how much she will grow.

Now to get back to work as Hugglets and the on line show are just a few weeks away.   

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Elizabeth said...

Love the teeny tiny buttons and the bare bear with his ruff is so sweet.


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