Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice ..........


A warm welcome to a couple of new followers, I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Today in the northern hemisphere we celebrate winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. This event has influenced the world for centuries,  particularly through art, literature, mythology and religion.  Winter is regarded as a season of dormancy,  darkness and cold, the seasonal lengthening of days a reason to celebrate nature's continuing cycle.  Definitely a cause of celebration and I am looking forward to the days drawing out so that it is at least light when I get up in the morning.

Just a few days to Christmas and I have almost completed the gift shopping but there will be the last minute rush on Christmas Eve for food.  For me this is the season of panic as I am always worried that there will not be sufficient food in the house.  Quite silly really as everything is back to normal in the shopping world the next day. 

Thank you so very much for the kind comments left after my last blog and the story of Mischka.  I still miss my little cat very much but Bella is proving quite interesting.  I must admit to having forgotten just how wicked kittens can be although Mishcka was known as JD (juvenile delinquent).  Our older cat Sasha used to sit on him in total frustration due to his naughtiness.  Bella has a fascination for the litter tray and when it is cleaned and filled with nice new sand, she takes great delight in regarding it as her own personal sandpit.  The Christmas tree is an endless source of fascination and we have found her swinging on the tinsel several times. I am sure she giggles when she is misbehaving.  It will be interesting to see just how much fun she will have when we put all the presents under the tree!

I did manage to complete a new bear for e-bay.   Several months ago I found a long forgotten  piece of blue/green rayon in our fabric stash.  Made up into one of my handful of bears I then had a problem deciding how I would trim or dress her.   Fortunately I found a piece of tartan fabric which is exactly the right toning shade.  Trimmed with a very special piece of vintage lace with the addition of an embroidered jacket and velvet bag Tatiana is now off to a new home in America.

After several visits to the chiropractor I am pleased to say that my lower back problems seem to be sorted out and he is now working on my neck.  Many years of sitting stitching and working on a computer is possibly catching up but my neck has caused me discomfort for many years due to osteoarthritis.  Good to start feeling human again but it is a somewhat pricey alternative to the standard anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor.

Have a good weekend.

Solstice Sun, shining bright, shortest day & longest night. 
May the light of the sun shine upon you and may you always believe in the magic of the season.

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Elizabeth said...

Love your new little bear, the lace trim is very pretty. Glad to hear that the chiropractor is helping. Have a peaceful panic free Christmas.


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