Saturday, November 16, 2013

New bears

The last few weeks I seem to have been stepping from one task to the next with little time to spare for blog updates, editing of photographs etc.   I have a new fancy camera and am now in the process of learning how it works as it is a lot more sophisticated.  I need to get out and experiment but that would require time which is rather stretched as usual.
Megan recently picked up a virus which slowed down her work considerably and I stepped in to help with stitching tiny clothes for our shop order.  These are photographs of our creations for Teddy Bears of Witney for 2014 scanned from the catalogue, not the best quality unfortunately.

When we offered a selection of designs we did not think that all would be accepted and although we are so thrilled to have all our offerings in this amazing catalogue, the logistics of completing the designs plus all their clothing timeously has been a major undertaking.  Finally starting to lift my head up again and can get working on the other outstanding orders.

I have finally managed to knit one pink cardi for a little girl to be listed on e-bay.   I am presently working on an order for a South African collector who asked me to make a slightly larger (5-6") bear with overalls and a 'boer' (farmer) hat.  Having little idea what this hat should look like and after some research visiting a few rather strange web sites,  I managed to find a picture of slouch type hat.   I do not make many male bears so this has been somewhat of a challenge,  I do prefer pretty little girls in dresses and the hat has been some time in the design and making.   I first made a golden yellow bear who did not seem quite right for the clothing.   After searching through the fabric hoard I found a piece of original South African mohair and made a second bear,   using one of my old patterns and made this very traditional Steiff look alike.  

I will post a picture when he is all dressed in his outfit, still trying to make the overalls look interesting.   This is the little yellow bear who is sitting on my work table and I do need inspiration as to what to do with him.  He is definitely a boy and would not be pleased to be dressed in girl's clothing.

Fortunately the recent major storm, named after St Jude (the patron saint of lost causes), did not quite reach our part of the country and other than extremely high winds and rain, we did not suffer too much.   Another record breaking cold winter is ahead of us according to reports,  seems like each winter for the past few years is the worst on record!!!   Have started cleaning up the garden and emptied the little green house of old tomato plants ready to store my fragile plants over the winter.

Hopefully I will have some more photos to share in my next blog, some from our epic trip to Bath and also some of the amazing autumn trees.  This year they shades of gold and russet are quite beautiful and I do need to try out the new camera before winter and the wind remove all the leaves from the trees.

Have a great week.


Kays Kids said...

Congratulations in having your bears in "Bears of Whitney" shop. they are gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Phew! You must be exhausted after getting all those characters ready for Teddy Bears of Witney but what a great honour so well done. I too prefer girl bears as I love all the fussy bits and bobs they wear. Your little boy might like a baker boy cap and checked dungarees....just a thought.


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