Friday, September 6, 2013

Show jitters and the creative doldrums ............

It has been a busy few months.   Just when I thought everything was under control and the bears would be complete and ready in good time,  I seemed to be taking two steps back for every one forward.  The creative doldrums have hit hard this year as it has been a very up and down for our family.  Sometimes ideas do not flow readily but I would like to create something a little different.  However, it takes time and certain amount of experimenting with new designs which do not always work out as planned.  Whilst sitting stitching I mentally calculated that we have exhibited at this show for seventeen years, suppose I should be feeling a lot less stressed about it by this time.  

I can now take a deep breath and relax a little as with the exception of a crochet dress for a little pink bear and another bear needing some additional trimming,  the bears and friends are all complete.  The show preview is on our web page and there is just packing and labelling to be done.

I have so enjoyed making the slightly 'bigger' bears and these are the latest little girls

I also had fun making a little zebra and giraffe

and a panda pincushion on a vintage jelly mould

I am looking forward to meeting special friends and collectors at the show and I will share feedback on and hopefully some pictures next time.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Kays Kids said...

Your little girl look as cute as buttons. I hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday.

KittyAnnArt said...

I can surely feel for you re the ups/downs of life, it can interfere with the creative process. I love your creations, I wish I lived on your side of the world to be at the show, I would adopt the pincushion bear right away - sew cute!! Have a nice time! Ani in USA

Helena_VS said...

Очень красивые, милые, такие добрые)
Хочется на них смотреть и смотреть...глаз не отвести!

Elizabeth said...

Perfect bears as always. Best of luck at the show, I hope you sell out as your bears are a true work of love and art.

Tatkis said...

They are so cute and lovely!



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